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7 Local Webcomics To

Add To Your Reading


by Jace Amodo, January 07, 2020 1:40pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

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7 Local Webcomics To Add To Your Reading List

by Jace Amodo, January 07, 2020 1:40pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

The local art community was in grief when Gerry Alanguilan passed away on December 21, 2019, at 51. The "Komikero" was known for his lengthy resume as a comic artist and his viral video, "Hey Baby." 

Some people, particularly the younger generations, only heard his name after the news broke out. And perhaps it says a lot about the struggle for many artists to make a name for themselves.

With that in mind, Inside Manila searched the interwebz and found seven local webcomics to add to our webcomic spotlight, which we think you should be reading right now.


What's one-half creative and one-half bucketful of tears? It's advertising life and it’s accurately and beautifully depicted in each of Sadvertising's comics. Through characters like the Surfer Dude CD (Creative Director), Fav Copy (Copywriter), and Dimunyu (Client), Sadvertising touches on work scenarios everyone in the field can relate to—unlimited revisions, budol job orders, demanding clients, and office crushes.

Adventures of Toto

There's a charm in minimalism and Adventures of Toto is terrific in it. But apart from the art style, this webcomic's dialogues have its impact on its readers. Motivational, wholesome, relatable—Adventures of Toto has the formula for acquiring loyal fans of its works, and we can't argue.


If you like wholesome, borderline cheesy comic strips, Weridu is the webtoon for you. Though the title was meant to mimic "weird," most of the comic strips evoke positive and cheerful vibes. It's a light and fun read in your free time or when you feel dispirited, thanks to the adorable and "must protecc"mushroom-like characters.

Masakit Masaktan

Webcomic artist Gaille Monares of Masakit Masaktan thrives in his "irregular updates but regular tears" motto. Students may find solace in his works as he mainly jokes about prioritizing school works over anything. Further, we're attached with his constant reminder of rescheduling our tears and how we’re not alone in the struggle of school-love life balance.

Liga Ni Likeman

As if holding a mirror to its creator, local superhero Likeman stays online all day reacting on issues that (should) concern everyone. Aside from the occasional throwing of puns, our guilty pleasures and common #CommuteWarrior problems are illustrated with our exact thoughts.

Bunganga Memories

Meet the Bunganga family, the main cast for Bunganga Memories that reflects on many Filipino households, old and new. Most of their strips have continuity, much to the top fans' delight. The creator's ability to recreate her characters through the art styles of Hunghang Flashbacks, Libreng Komiks, and Little Things PH—all of which were featured in our previous webcomic spotlight—is also worth noting.


As a true slice of life comic, Overheard takes inspiration from the mundane and turn it into an entertaining piece, design-and literary-wise. Fun fact: Overheard creator Jesie Castro also made it into a gallery exhibit (Kaledjo Shiyay in Baguio). Here's to our local webcomic artists!

Artists' passion comes and goes for many reasons, the lack of encouragement among them. If you're keen to aid our local artists, support them beyond liking their social media pages. You can help as much as donating financial help through their Paypal or Patreon pages, but a simple promotion to your circle would suffice.


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