Self Care

The Real 'Tea' Is

Tea Can Help With

Your Mental Health

by Sherry Tadeja, January 02, 2020 3:00pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Self Care

The Real 'Tea' Is Tea Can Help With Your Mental Health

by Sherry Tadeja, January 02, 2020 3:00pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Teas have always been known as a relaxing drink. Drinking natural tea can do a lot of good for you, physically and mentally. And if you’re thinking of taking your love for milk tea back to its original roots, there’s a variety of tea types to choose from. Read below and check out the “tea” on tea.

For when you’re stressed out

Chamomile is one of the well-known stress-soothing tea. To prove its stress-reducing powers, a 2016 study showed how frequent drinking of chamomile tea reduced anxiety attacks. 

When you’re feeling down

Saffron tea encourages the release of serotonin, which is responsible for producing feelings of positivity and happiness. According to a science journal, drinking saffron tea improved diagnosed patients with major depressive disorders. 

When you find it difficult to sleep

Not just a pretty flower for display, Lavenders are known to stabilize mood, soothe the nerves, and make you sleepy. One study showed properties in lavender was an effective medication for adults with diagnosed anxiety.  

When you need to relax

Besides being known to soothe itchy or inflamed throats, Turmeric is rich in a compound called Curcumin. In a recent study, curcumin is said to have anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects.

For a burst of energy

The recent times have turned green tea into a trendy treat. Going back to its roots, Green tea is high in a kind of amino-acid able to reduce levels of anxiety. It can even improve one’s mood and energy. Sip that tea to the last drop, okay? 

When you need to keep your cool

Reminiscent of mint candies, a trip to the spa, and Christmas Season itself, peppermint has many benefits you may not be aware of. Research suggests peppermint’s aroma can reduce feelings of fatigue, ease irregular bowel movement, unclog sinuses, and (of course) freshen breath!

When you’re feeling under the weather

Sleepless nights might have found its end because Lemon Balm teas are here to combat insomnia. It is also said to cure cold sores, ease nausea, and toothache—talk about all-around medicine.

Drinking these types of tea is not the only way to better your mental health. Sleeping late, cutting back sugar, and adding physical activity to your everyday routine are ways to improve it too. And, of course, when you can, a visit to a therapist is also highly recommended. Let’s not take our mental health for granted.


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