7 Weird, Exciting Holidays

Celebrated Every December

by Sherry Tadeja, December 23, 2019 4:00pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


7 Weird, Exciting Holidays Celebrated Every December

by Sherry Tadeja, December 23, 2019 4:00pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

The world has made it known that the last month of the year, December, is for Christmas and New Year celebrations. At some point, there’s no other holiday to top such events. Well, in case you’re curious, there are events this month that don’t involve garlands or feasts for days but rather, quirky celebrations that can definitely spice up your day.

December 3. Make a Gift Day
It may be too early but going through hordes of shoppers and traffic during the last-minute Christmas shopping will make this day more convenient than the rest. Or you can spontaneously give a gift to someone that matters to you. Because why not?

December 6. Microwave Day
Whether you want to reheat a frozen dish or cook an instant meal, know you can do all those things because of this trusty appliance. Hug a microwave, maybe? It’s a weird holiday anyway.

December 7. Letter Writing Day
Now that we have social media, who in the world would even write a letter? Let’s hope you’re not one of them. Revive the art and love for letter writing because, tbh, it’s authentic, beautiful, and it brings out the genuine “feels” in us.

December 13. Lost and Found Day
We bet the number of times you lost and then found your way things is more than your fingers can count. So for this day, don’t forget that if you lost your thing (or way), it’s good to relax, backtrack, and never lose hope you lose it forever (no hugot here).

December 16. Chocolate Covered Anything Day
Who doesn’t love chocolate...on anything? Chocolate is great as it is, but dipping fruits, candy or even vegetables on it is a whole new food experience filed under “one for the books.”

December 26. Thank You Note Day
The day after Christmas is often underrated because Christmas is over. Don’t go into the New Year vibe just yet because there’s a day made to thank everyone in an old fashioned way. Grab your pen and paper and scribble your appreciation away.

December 27. No Interruptions Day
There’s a day you aren’t encouraged to get in the middle of a conversation, change the topic, or halt a decision. We think this is the perfect day to air things out, play a brain game, or get into deep conversations. No need to think about pausing; let them know it’s “No Interruptions Day.”

See? There’s more to December than the “carol of the bells.” These quirky observations prove that Christmas isn’t the only “joy to the world.”


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