Arts and Culture

These 15 Fellows Are

Making an Impact in

the Creative Industry

by Jace Amodo, October 04, 2018 5:23pm

Photo by Shara Mae Balce

Arts and Culture

These 15 Fellows Are Making an Impact in the Creative Industry

by Jace Amodo, October 04, 2018 5:23pm
Photo by Shara Mae Balce

Creative hubs are one of the contributors to the growth in the creative economy and positive change in cities. And yet, based on global research by the British Council, these hubs remain under-supported and under-appreciated.

Lo and behold, the British Council created the "Creative Innovators Programme," which aims to better support the country's creative industries, building the next generation of community leaders through a one-year fellowship.

Out of 84 applications, 15 fellows were chosen based on the creative hub’s potential to scale impact, long-term plans, and narrative, among others. Let's have a peek at their vision.

Ma. Roma Agsalud-Agsunod
Co-Founder, Common Room

Roma would like to learn more about how creative hubs operate and apply these lessons to ensure the sustainability of a bigger Philippine creative park. She envisions a park that’ll house more communities of artists and makers in the future.

Jodinand Aguillon
Executive Director, Pineapple Lab

Jodinand's dream for Pineapple Lab is for it to become a safe space for LGBTQ communities for artistic expression and creative enterprise, and an incubator of original work and content.

Karla Maria Ana Batiquin
Manager, Holistic Coalition of the Willing (HoliCOW)

Karla wants HoliCOW to foster and encourage sustainable creative entrepreneurship through authenticity, and community, and empower the Filipino identity.

Kenneth Biunas
Project Officer, Design Center of the Philippines

His hope is to establish Design Center as the preferred partner of the Philippine creative industries. Kenneth aims to build a strong international recognition and visibility, similar to the Thailand Creative and Design Center.

Regil Kent Cadavos
Community Engagement Lead, ASPACE

Regil would love to see ASPACE Cebu become the go-to hub for creative, innovative, forward-thinking, go-getter locals who aim to make an impact in the city and help elevate the local scene.

Gino Cartier Cariña
Founder, Makerspace Manila

Gino aims to establish long-term relationships with schools in building in-campus maker spaces and co-develop a curriculum that bridges theory to application via "making."

Emi Englis
Project Leader, Artisanal Heritage Studies and Creative Enterprise Center (Philippine Women's University)

Emi would like his hub to become a venue for culture-based design ideation and business incubation. He aims to move up from a school-based to a community-wired creative entrepreneurship hub.

Maria Bianca Paula Holganza
Community Engagement Officer, HUB: Make Lab

Bianca’s hope is for the HUB: Make Lab to be firmly established as a makers’ playground, where anyone can learn crafts, business, and the balance of both.

Cherame Lopez
Creative Operations, Officer/Designer, ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

Cherame wants to set up and formalize a Product Research & Design Center where continuous innovation and creativity flourish along with designers, thinkers, and artisans.

Patricia Kyle Mendoza
Project Officer, Materials Innovation Center (MATIC)

Patricia hopes to solidify a roadmap for MATIC to combine tactile experience with digital ease of access, and set the right foundations.

Maria Diana Ofrasio
Workshop Manager, Craft MNL

She would like to be able to design comprehensive educational programmes and materials geared specifically towards product development and recognize the value of making with purpose.

Paul Andrew Orpiada
Founder, Karaw Craftventures

Paul wants to be more adept in managing a creative hub that constantly introduces human-centered product designs that can effectively cater to the ever-changing needs of the market.

Don Senoc
President, Film Producers Society

His goal is to create a hub where stories come to life, and strangers regardless of gender, economic status, and cultural differences come together to experience the best of cinema.

Maria Unicka Sta. Ana
Co-Founder, Zapateria

Unicka hopes to leverage the network and training from the Fellowship to help Zapateria plan and execute its sustainability model in fostering creativity and innovation in the local shoe industry.

Ian Tamara
Instructor, Toon City Academy (TCA)

Ian plans to transform TCA into a training and creative content development facility with the intent to share stories to an international audience.

These Fellows will ­undergo a professional development programme for over a year. The Fellowship will include a hub management training by Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation; a study tour in the UK; a creative skills Bootcamp by Thames International and Foundation; mentoring sessions; and network-building activities within the Philippines, ASEAN and the UK.

We can’t wait to see what these fellows can bring to the creative community!


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