#IMReleaseRadar: The Latest OPM

This November

by Jace Amodo, December 16, 2019 12:44pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


#IMReleaseRadar: The Latest OPM This November

by Jace Amodo, December 16, 2019 12:44pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

With the end of a decade coming up, we can't help but be on our toes watching out for the songs that may end our Year 2019 right. For November, the local music scene is teeming with just that, helping us cope with our current situations by facing it head-on.

Here are the best and latest tracks under our radar last month:

'Masyado Pang Maaga' by Ben&Ben
Parang kay bilis ng 'yong pag-alis, teka lang, teka lang, teka lang muna

The month of November greeted us with this blue and heavy single by the indie folk-pop band Ben&Ben. This is to anyone who lost someone special due to misinterpreted actions, risked friendships, or even sickness and death. It's difficult toadmit that there's no going back but you have to acknowledge the lesson amidst the misfortune.

'Di Sapat Pero Tapat' by This Band
Handa na 'ko sa iyong pag-amin na ako'y iyong lilisanin

'Di sapat pero tapat are lines we, Filipinos, often associate with humor—like a low-budget version of something or someone. However, pop-rock group This Band's latest single isn't anything like that. This song is about accepting the sailing away of love in a relationship and being confident they did their part.

'Kalawakan' by juan karlos
Ang kadiliman ang bumabalot, ako ang iyong ilaw kaya't 'wag nang matakot

Juan Karlos Labajo is out to take the entire solar system with their alt indie-rock prowess he and his band is known for, starting from "Buwan" and now "Kalawakan." The lyrics were spoken and sang like a true lover, and no doubt dedicated to his girlfriend, Maureen Wroblewitz. We do the predictable thing and dedicate this to our SOs, too.

'Partida' by Imago
Sakaling ang mundo bukas ay gumuho, basta ang alam mo ikaw ang mahal ko

Our 90s hearts are throbbing with excitement as one of the OG OPM bands release their latest single. Imago's "Sundo" was an integral part of our karaoke nights, and so will "Partida," a song about hoping their feelings would be noticed—a sentiment we're sure many Manillennials would relate to. How far will you go for love?

Loveless by Fern.
I want you to want me again but you're so far away

Fern.'s singles this year have been leading up to this: a full album entitled Loveless. Listening to the album feels like watching a story unravel, from realizing there's no future with the one you love, to depending on medications for comfort, and to sobering up and getting numb from the pain. We'll leave the interpretations to you.

'Fall In Love With You' by BRWN
I guess two hearts that are for each other will find a way to be together

As we prolly already know, R&B pop band BRWN is making headlines with their novel approach to fame, what with the introduction of "So Good" to the world and now, "Fall In Love With You." Their latest release supports the ideology that things happen for a reason and if it's meant to be, it will be—we can't argue with that.

'Kahit Sa Panaginip' by December Ave.
Sa himbing ng pag-idlip ako'y ginising ng paglisan mo

December Ave.'s chords never fail to impress us. They sing the right words and hit the right tones easy as a Sunday brunch. We've covered various concepts of hope and though "Kahit Sa Panaginip" lacks one, it's a reminder that it's okay to simply immerse in your emotions sometimes.

Your deepest fears may have come true and you may feel like you're in a testing ground. But these stages are inherently constricting for our growth and we ought to face them, all firm and optimistic. How else would you start a brand-new decade?

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