Arts and Culture

7 Personalities You’ll Likely

Bump Into at Fairs

and Conventions

by Sherry Tadeja, December 05, 2019 9:00pm

Illustrations by Ahl Mirambel

Arts and Culture

7 Personalities You’ll Likely Bump Into at Fairs and Conventions

by Sherry Tadeja, December 05, 2019 9:00pm
Illustrations by Ahl Mirambel

Ah, the charm of pop culture fairs and conventions. Conventions are events where people gather to celebrate shared interests and hobbies. They hold interactive activities, displays, and exhibits where people can meet and shop as a way of support to the convention. Conventions are so special to some people, they become these identifiable personalities. To whom do you relate with?

The Early Birds

It’s safe to say early birds have waited all their lives to attend the convention. They have their tickets ready and are just waiting for the doors to officially open—they may even have arrived earlier than the event crew.

The Collector

Conventions bring unique and rare merchandise at discounted prices. So we can’t really blame people who have their wallets ready and their shopping carts full. They may have quite a shopping list but at the end of the day, they’re happy and we’re happy-jealous for them.

The Ideal Shopper

We all aspire to be the “Ideal Shopper.” They’re disciplined, they have a list, and they won’t stray from it. They may have their will tested once or twice, but a good old calm thinking and breathing would be enough to solve it.

The 'Doing it for the Gram'

Among the sea of convention-goers, expect those who participate in their social media. The "Doing it for the Gram" has nailed every Instagrammable part of the convention to the extent of risking what could’ve been a wonderful experience. You might think they’re hypocrites, maybe borderline bandwagoning, but their promotions help the organizers a lot.

The Networker

The Networker loves to connect to the convention and to its people. You can find them enjoying the exhibits, asking the exhibitors, getting to know them and eventually exchanging calling cards. When around a networker, expect that at the end of the day, you have made a connection as well.

The All-In

Nothing beats commitment like “The All-In.” A true fan down to their clothes, All-Ins like to dress up for the occasion. Often, you’ll see them cosplaying and dressed in their favorite book characters in pop-culture events and book fairs.

The ‘Here for the Experience’

The opposite of the “Doing it for the ‘Gram,” the “Here for the Experience” types are all about seizing the day. Might as well call them the adrenaline junkies of conventions. These types love to go out there and encounter the convention themselves, and even gladly chaperone a friend. Twist: they rarely buy merch.

The Supportive Friend

Fairs and conventions are best shared with people who genuinely like it. But if you can’t find one, we always have that one supportive friend who makes time. A “potential convertee,”  this friend knows the basics of the convention and the fandom behind it. They hear you out on your happy rants and chants with you. A few more convincing and conventions and you’ll both go next as true platonic fans.

Whatever you are in a convention, don’t be shy about it. Remember you’re in a safe space, celebrating an interest with everyone else. And for us, it’s the first step in being your true self.


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