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6 Unconventional Truths from

PETA’s ‘Stage of the

Nation’ Campaign

by Maria Romero, October 03, 2018 11:49am

Art by Dani Elevazo.

Arts and Culture

6 Unconventional Truths from PETA’s ‘Stage of the Nation’ Campaign

by Maria Romero, October 03, 2018 11:49am
Art by Dani Elevazo.

One of the most effective weapons in breaking barriers between colors, labels, and stereotypes is ART for it paints clear pictures of our history and culture. And this time, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) will once again use that power to champion a revolution through “Stage of the Nation”.

For their 51st season, they devoted all aspects of their artistic teachings for this creative campaign in hopes of conveying these unconventional truths:

1. The brilliant minds are always at odds with the powerful. 

This was evident in Ang Buhay ni Galileo, a play about Galileo Galilei’s life. Galileo’s early experiences as a scholar and scientist weren't that much different from his modern day counterparts. One time when a student presented Galileo a new invention, which was the telescope, he claimed it as his own. Sounds familiar, right?“

2. Dark history will repeat itself if we allow it to.

A Game of Trolls will remind us that the resurgence of that certain family from the dark days of our history will only allow the past to become our present. And to cease it from happening, we have to show vigilant passion for fighting the unsettling tide of historical revisionism that seems to be foisted online through “trolls”. 

3. Your childlike wonder would lead to your self-discovery in this modern world. So don't let go of that. 

Tagu-taguan Nasaan Ang Buwan? is a reminder that having an honest imagination like that of a child’s would make a huge difference in battling our daily struggles. In a divided country like us, what we need to be united again is the heart to help. True enough, being a hero chooses no age. Ordinary or extraordinary, we're all heroes in our own rights. 

4. Memes are funny. But look twice, you may be falling to their propaganda. 

The meme-able Trumperte is the ultimate political spoof of this generation where we can see hard realities lurking behind loud waves of laughter. This satirical live show relieves our cultural backlogs to remind us that in the Internet world that reeks of relatable memes, we have to look closer because we may have been fooled. One look and it's funny, look twice and it's actually alarming. 

5. Resistance is at the core of this social media-driven era.

Sometimes, as we get too high by the convenience brought by social media, we tend to forget our roots. This is our sad reality and The Kundiman Party will urge us to assert that it wouldn't hurt to look back. For instance, Kundiman, which was once popular among Filipinos, now seems foreign to us. What we need to be more progressive isn't social media but the utilization of all art forms. 

6. Woke is the new sexy. 

Given the political, economic, and social challenges that have divided our country, we’re all expected to take part in smashing that division. Just like how in Charot, yes that colloquial term that means “just kidding” and also a title of a play, people used their power of vote to spark change. If we don't do the same, just imagine our future under a new charter and its consequences. 

It’s hilarious how we allowed our country to be and it's even more laughable to think what our future would be like if continue slacking off. Now’s not the time to be quiet. This is why it's equally important to use the power of arts to capture the imagination, shape opinion, and provoke feelings that could transform and affect change.

“Stage of the Nation” campaign also includes Manila Improv Festival 2019, Human Rights Film Festival, Words Anonymous’ Anniversary Show, and Buklod’s Album Launch and Reunion concert. PETA also launched two new programs that will work directly with schools and communities: Rehearsing Democracy & Resiliency as well as Arts Ed Matters to better promote their advocacy. This campaign will run from September 2018 to June 2019.

For more information visit PETA’s website here


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