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ISCAHM: Providing World-Class Training

to Aspiring Chefs

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, November 01, 2019 8:56am

Photo courtesy of ISCAHM

Food and Drinks

ISCAHM: Providing World-Class Training to Aspiring Chefs

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, November 01, 2019 8:56am
Photo courtesy of ISCAHM

There’s something fulfilling about preparing meals and then serving it piping hot to your family and friends. Labor of love, if you must call it. This fulfillment can sometimes turn into a passion. Pretty soon, you’ll be aspiring to be a chef in a well-known restaurant—put up your own restaurant even. But to be a great chef, one needs training. Good thing there’s an institution along Katipunan in Quezon City that understands this goal.

International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) is a school that specializes in culinary and pastry arts. Established in 2003 by Chefs Norbert Gandler, Ulrich Williman, and the late Hans Schallenberg, ISCAHM is a realization of a dream to provide training to soon-to-be chefs.

Great Names For Mentors

ISCAHM is not just a fancy name. It lives up to its name. This institution boasts of its international faculty roster from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Canada, Japan, and of course, the Philippines. These instructors have different extensive experiences, and they pass their knowledge to their students.

For one, ISCAHM has Chef Norbert, the founder of Aubergine Restaurant and Patisserie. He has years of experience being an executive sous chef at high-end hotels and restaurants. Another instructor is Chef Ernesto “Ernie” Babaran, Director for Pastry and Bakery Arts. He is known for making the wedding cake of Prince Abdullah, son of King Hussein of Jordan. There’s also Chef Ana Lois Cruz-Lerias, a candidate to the prestigious Mondial de Pain 2017 in France, and Chef Joey Herrera, who came from the family behind Aristocrat Restaurant.

They are only some of the great teachers of ISCAHM. They are in for practical teaching—showing every student how a dish is done.  According to Chef Norbert, they wanted their students to master the cooking methods to perfect every kind of cuisine, be it Western or Asian.

Cooking Up Great Talents

This institution offers courses aligned with culinary arts, pastry arts, bread baking, Asian cuisine, and even a program on restaurant concept and entrepreneurship. Aspiring chefs will learn a lot from their instructors and experience actual kitchen work. ISCAHM has fully-equipped and spacious kitchens—all to train the next generation of great names in culinary arts.

ISCAHM is also the only culinary school in the country that has a partnership with the Culinary Solutions Australia International. ISCAHM offers diploma courses with an Australian Certificate III, meaning students can study the same materials and gain the same competencies as they would enroll overseas. ISCAHM’s tuition is also more affordable than other culinary schools and they get more hours than what they pay for.

The school has over 3,500 graduates for diploma courses and over 9,000 for short courses. These people include Jordy Navarra and JP Cruz of Toyo Eatery, Shangri-La Fort Chef de Partie Rachelle Sarzona, and Senior Sous Chef at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Leslie Sevilla.

There’s no doubt students of ISCAHM will be successful in their field. With experienced mentors and great facilities, the students will take their talents from the classroom to different hotels and restaurants around the world.

ISCAHM is located at 4F FBR Katipunan Ave, Quezon City. It also has branches in Pampanga and Cebu.


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