Denice Lao Begins Her

Music Journey With 'Just

Got Home'

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, October 25, 2019 8:59pm

Photo by Dichali Dela Cerena


Denice Lao Begins Her Music Journey With 'Just Got Home'

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, October 25, 2019 8:59pm
Photo by Dichali Dela Cerena

After a draining commute, dealing with your boss, and finishing your workload, it’s nice to know there’s a home you can go to. Home is where we feel safe. It’s where we relax before starting a new day. It’s like each day in our lives is a story and going home would always be the ending. And for budding artist Denice Lao, “home” was where her music journey began.

Denice Lao performs for the crowd during the Just Got Home Launch. Photo by Dichali Dela Cerena

The Process of Discovering

Denice released her single called “Just Got Home.” But just like most people, Denice didn’t have the courage to explore the industry at first.

The 26-year-old musician realized her talent when she wrote a song for someone special in college. But even back then, she didn’t dream of pursuing music. She’s worked as a marketing consultant for a fashion brand. But when she had a major episode of depression and anxiety (as she would call it), she quit her job and is currently on a break.

Kai Atienza joins Denice Lao for the music release. Photo by Dichali Dela Cerena


That’s when she realized she wanted to do something she loves. Music became her sanctuary and a way to self-heal.

Overcoming Fears and Pushing for Music

Denice wrote “Just Got Home” in 2015 as a song challenge by a friend. It is about the convenience of blaming bad things at a bad timing. For a song about missed opportunities, she found the perfect moment for the world to hear it.

What triggered her to push for “Just Got Home” is her recent trip to La Union. It made her think about how she never lost her passion for music. During her self-reflections, Denice remembered the advice of one of her mentors, Gary Granada. Why would she keep her gift to herself?

Banda ni Mayor is also at the launch to support Denice. Photo by Dichali Dela Cerena

This music launch is Denice’s passion project. But since she quit work, she didn’t have many resources. She had the help of her friends for the photoshoot, videography, even her makeup. They didn’t ask for fees—they just really want to express their support for her. As for the marketing materials, Denice did most of the work for those. 

She's thankful for her family and friends who supported her all throughout the journey.

“My friends said, ‘We’re gonna go all in.’ Many people thought ‘Aww, she’s big.’ No, I’m big on love. I’m so blessed to have everybody make time effort, so I cannot not give my best,” she shared.

Finally Home

Her realizations and dreams made her take a leap of faith and release her music. As a result, she made music that touches souls and triggers emotions. She conveys different types of love—happy love, painful love, and self-love.

The hits of Pusakalye further entices the crowd. Photo by Dichali Dela Cerena

Denice knows she has a long way to go and she’s aware she will be at a constant battle with herself. She knows she’s not unworthy to deserve appreciation. And she will continue to write, more passionately than before.

“What if the world is more forgiving? What if i need to this? What if I never did that? What if I still hate myself? What if I make mistakes, I can’t laugh at it still, unlike now?” Sobrang lakingtulong ng music for me. Duwag ako. Anxious ako, pero tine-take ko ‘yung steps ‘pag meron,” she said.

The crowd is hyped for Denice! Photo by Dichali Dela Cerena.

And hopefully, she could encourage aspiring songwriters to do the same.

Stream Denice Lao’s “Just Got Home” on Spotify or watch the music video below:

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