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Sticker Con Pop-ups We

Wish To Experience in


by Jace Amodo, October 23, 2019 5:25pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Arts and Culture

Sticker Con Pop-ups We Wish To Experience in 2020

by Jace Amodo, October 23, 2019 5:25pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Up until 2018, before Sticker Con MNL came to be, business expos and comic cons congested the landscape of bazaars and fairs (no hard feelings). Who would have thought a convention with a niche as specific as Sticker Con MNL's will become a crowd-favorite? 

Though smaller in scale, the Sticker Con MNL pop-up still amassed heavy foot traffic from sticker fans. Photo by Jace Amodo/Inside Manila

Gaining the trust of and creating a space for sticker fans, Sticker Con MNL was able to celebrate their passion for three editions; the latest one being StickOrTreat, a smaller-in-scale-yet-equally-lively Halloween-themed pop-up.

Now that the possibility of sticker convention pop-ups has been realized, we can't help but imagine different sticker event concepts we'd love to experience.

Con-goers are also treated to Sticker Con MNL-exclusive stickers, such as these pins and stickers from Cassy Cajucom. Photo by Jace Amodo/Inside Manila

BuJo Party

The year 2020 is just around the corner, and because it's the end of an era, kicking it off armed and ready seems like an obligation. A BuJo Sticker Pop-up is perfect for those who love to add a pop of adhesive statements to their journals and planners. Imagine the tradition it'll establish in the coming years.

Sticker Rally

Sticker artists with hopes to spread awareness of our current political climate frequented our 2018 Sticker Book. In this generation, Manillennials are more proactive in politics-related discussions. To have such a sticker bazaar doesn’t only help said sticker artists in their goal, but also to influence more people to be extra critical with our government.

Choose your fight. Photo by Jace Amodo/Inside Manila


Much to our surprise, StickOrTreat became a sanctuary to cat lovers because of the many exhibitors selling cat-themed stickers. That said, a sticker con pop-up dedicated to cats (or prolly all furry pets) will be one whimsical, hard-to-miss event. It could also be the first edition to allow pets!

Collectors Cocktails

Only avid Sticker Con patrons allowed! For this to work, the succeeding pop-ups must apply a “special stickers” reward system that participants must collect for a later surprise, which is (you guessed it) a fun, intimate Collectors’ Cocktails. It’s like collecting stickers for a New Year Planner, but instead of a planner, more stickers await.

A Sticker-Con pop-up for our furry friends isn't a good idea; it's the best. Photo by Jace Amodo/Inside Manila


A K-Pop Kinda Bash

Ah, K-Pop. Being a K-fan in the Philippines is no picnic (see: thoughts of a male K-Pop fan, unearthed through the years). Sticker Con MNL already welcomed K-Pop exhibitors with open arms; it would be great to celebrate our ult groups and biases through pocket events with the community.

Sticker Swap

Swapping stickers between exhibitors is nothing new, but what if con-goers are included? Here, we take inspiration from existing thrift bazaars and “blind date with a book” events. Con-goers may exchange their stickers for a discount. Or better yet, no money included at all!

Say it with us: UGH! Photo by Jace Amodo/Inside Manila

Stick For A Cause

The fad for anything nostalgic shouldn't merely be adorned. Picture Sticker Con patrons connecting, not just as con-goers, but as humans. Hauling stickers for our stash is fun on its own, but what more if it's for the benefit of the needy? With numerous advocacy-fueled sticker artists popping up here and there, it's no surprise this type of pop-up is plausible.

Got a sticker dream theme of your own? Send us an email (, and we might just make it happen.


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