24 TV personalities that graduated in Ateneo de Manila University

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED March 28, 2017 02:50 pm
Photo from (left to right) Bianca Gonzales-Intal, Maricar Reyes-Poon, Nikki Gil-Albert and Rico Blanco Instagram accounts

Ateneo de Manila University is one of the country's finest academic institutions, so it's not suprising to see famous TV personalities become alumni of this insititution.

Look and see what your favorite celebrity graduate took up on ADMU.

Kris Aquino

The "Queen of all media" earned a degree on  Literature in 1992. 

Photo from instagram.com/krisaquino

Kylie Verzosa

B.S. Business Management 2013

Photo from instagram.com/kylieverzosa

Nikki Gil-Albert

The Actress and TV Host graduated with a degree on Literature back in 2009. 

Photo from instagram.com/nikkigil

Rico Blanco

The popular OPM rockstar actually graduated a degree on Economics, 1992

Photo from instagram.com/ricoblanco100

Pia Arcangel 

The known news anchor finished with a AB Communication degree back in year 2000. 

Photo from instagram.com/piaarcangel

Gretchen Ho

The then Lady Eagles spiker and now TV Host graduated with a degree on Management Engineering in 2013. 

Photo from instagram.com/gretchenho

Sam YG

Far from it's comedic spiels in TV, Sam YG finished a degree on Legal Management.

Photo from instagram.com/_samyg

Robi Domingo

Known for his great charisma in hosting, Robi Domingo graduated in BS in Health Sciences on year 2012. 

Photo from instagram.com/iamrobidomingo

Maxene Magalona

The daughter of the King of Rap is a true-blooded Ateninsta who graduated in AB Social Sciences back in  2010. 

Photo from instagram.com/maxenemagalona

Mikael Daez  

The seven-year beau of Miss World 2013 is not just a hunk but a college graduate, finishing a course in Business Administration. 

Photo from instagram.com/mikaeldaez

Bianca Gonzales-Intal

The TV host/actress definitely used her college degree in AB Communication earned in 2004 in making a name in the showbiz industry.

Photo from instagram.com/iamsuperbianca

Paolo Bediones

The news anchor/TV host graduated in Interdisciplinary Studies, with Business and Psychology.

Photo from instagram.com/paolobediones

Vicky Morales

The TV and radio news anchor graduated in AB Communication. 

Photo from instagram.com/jazcerezo

Alodia Gosiengfiao

The famous cosplayer put her degree to action as she graduted in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Information Design back in 2009. 

Photo from instagram.com/alodiaalmira

Lea Salonga  

Lea started her college degree in Ateneo back in 1989 but then transferred after her Miss Saigon stint. 

Photo from instagram.com/msleasalonga

Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon

Like her husband the actress and TV host finished a degree in BS Communications Technology Management. 

Photo from instagram.com/krisaquino

Antoinette Taus

The former teen star earned a degree on Political Science. 

Photo from instagram.com/antoinettetaus

Chris Tiu

The basketball hunk earned not only one but three degrees in the same university. He graduated B.S. Management Engineering 2007, B.S./Master of Applied Mathematics Major in Mathematical Finance, and Minor in Chinese Studies. 

Photo from instagram.com/christui

Alfred Vargas

The hunk turned politician graduated in A.B. Management Economics 2002.

Photo from instagram.com/alfredvargasofficial

Agot Isidro

The veteran actress didn't only stopped in just attaining a Bachelor's degree but also pursued to a more higher academic learning and graduated in a master's degree in Communication

Photo from instagram.com/agotisidro

Maricar Reyes-Poon

The wife of balladeer Richard Poon attained her pre-med degree graduagy back in 2002. 

Photo from instagram.com/maricarreyespoon

Yael Yuzon

The main man of the band Spongecola finished a degree in AB English Literature, 2006.

Photo from instagram.com/yaelyraz

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

A homegrown actress from "Ang TV," Rica earned a degree in AB Literature back in 2012. 

Photo from instagram.com/mrsboph



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