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All The Things We

Hope Moymoy Lulumboy Would


by Jace Amodo, October 04, 2019 11:24am

Photo by Inside Manila

Arts and Culture

All The Things We Hope Moymoy Lulumboy Would Be

by Jace Amodo, October 04, 2019 11:24am
Photo by Inside Manila

Often, though unnoticed, we pick up a lesson or two from children's books. One fine example is Moymoy Lulumboy: Ang Batang Aswang, a fantasy novel following the life of Moymoy. Author Segundo Matias, Jr. has found a fantasy niche hardly tapped when the first book was released in 2014. Now, with six published books, we can't help but imagine: what if the book is adapted?"

A TV Series ala 'La Luna Sangre'

We could have suggested a film adaptation, but a TV series sounds more plausible and engaging enough. As avid fans probably know already, Segundo Matias, Jr. has successfully adapted his 2018 young adult novel, Mga Batang Poz, into a web series via iWantv. The said series garnered generally positive acclaim for bringing the HIV-AIDS topic to attention.

If the first five books of Moymoy Lulumboy are any indication, we are following a story of flawed characters—a human element that viewers would surely relate to if it were to be a TV series. Lucky us, media company ABS-CBN already picked up the rights to adapt the fantasy novel into a multimedia series. Would the eponymous role be played by Zaijan Jaranilla? Edward Barber? We'll see.

An Original Filipino Musical

Whenever Moymoy Lulumboy releases its latest installment, book launches are a hard-to-miss event. Not only because we get to see the book or because we get to hear the author's thoughts, but also because we're entertained with a short play mounted by the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). 

Photo courtesy of Lampara Books

Remember when A Very Potter Musical was first announced? Harry Potter fans (aka Potterheads) were in a collective excitement. The same can be true to devotees of Moymoy Lulumboy and just about any theater fans. PETA is known to stage only the best plays, be it musical or not. X marks the spot, so to speak, when we see Moymoy Lulumboy characters come to life through exceptional thespians.


This seems far-fetched for now, but what if there's a Moymoy Lulumboy audiobook?. We all grew up with preconceived notions about vampires. To be immersed in the storytelling of debunking everything the popular culture has ingrained in our minds about such mythical creatures? Now that is a story we'd love to listen to.

But honestly, we just hope Moymoy Lulumboy (the character) to return to his normal, ordinary life. In Moymoy Lulumboy: Ang Ugat at ang Propesiya, the novel's sixth installment launched by Lampara Books at the 40th Manila International Book Fair, Moymoy "Ang Batang Aswang" returns to the enchanting world of Gabun, where he saves his brother Alangkaw and childhood friend Hasmin from evil forces. 

Now that Moymoy is moving on the teenage chapter of his life, the book's tone transitions into a more "Young Adult" direction.

"May kalayaan siya magmahal, walang nagbabawal sa kanya. May kalayaan siya makipag-relasyon ng sikreto sa isang teacher [laughs]. May kissing scene na rin,"Moymoy Lulumboy author Segundo Matias, Jr. told Inside Manila.

History and personal experience have taught us that it doesn't get easier. But just because we went through all of it, doesn't mean we wish for this fictional kid (and a vampire to begin with) to experience it too. Ultimately, we hope Moymoy Lulumboy would have a happy ending in the books to come.


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