7 Weird, Exciting Holidays

Celebrated Every October

by Jace Amodo, October 02, 2019 5:20pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


7 Weird, Exciting Holidays Celebrated Every October

by Jace Amodo, October 02, 2019 5:20pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Just like that, we're down to the last three months of 2019. It's amazing how fast September can become a stranger as we all enter October. This month, the Philippines will celebrate our museums and galleries, focus on indigenous people, and promote health and wellness tourism, among others.

Before we don our sweaters for the Christmas Season, here are some quirky holidays to celebrate this month:

Oct 1. International Coffee Day
Mark the occasion by sharing your coffee mix with the special people in your life. You can also try to step out of your comfort zone and sip on coffees you haven't tried before. It could be your next fave cup (just pay attention to your acid intake).


Oct 4. Taco Day
With beef, chicken, vegetables, cheese, and cilantro added into the mix, tacos can spice up your inuman session this particular Friday of the month. It won't be as original as Taco Tuesdays, but let's not taco 'bout it.

Oct 11. World Egg Day
Contrary to Gudetama's lazy trait, eggs are proven to boost energy because of its protein content. Be it fried, scrambled, hard-boiled, pickled, and even prepared as the Filipino favorites kwek kwek and tokneneng, include eggs in your diet and stay healthy.


Oct 12. Home Movie Day
Almost every film buff Manillennial understand the joys of browsing nooks after nooks of the infamous Video City back in the day. As technology improved, however, most video rental shops ran out of business. As a rule of thumb in this industry, never support movie piracy.

Oct 16. Dictionary Day
Technically, this is the birth anniversary of Noah Webster, the precursor of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Many people know the feeling of being speechless even though they talk for a living. In that case, pick up a dictionary and have a quick refresher.


Oct 22. Caps Lock Day
"SLAM POETRY! YELLING! ANGRY! WAVING MY HANDS A LOT! SPECIFIC POINT OF VIEW ON THINGS!" Leave the Caps Lock on and observe how one key changes the conversation. If you don't like it, feel free to skip this holiday—NOT.

Oct 27. Mother-In-Law Day
Happy wife, happy life. And the wife is happy when you, the husband, are on good terms with her mother. Do the predictable thing and express your regards to the person who brought your spouse into the world by giving her flowers, taking her whole family to dinner, or simply spending time together.

From the looks of it, we can never have too many fun holidays. Show some extra TLC to the things and the people with an annual celebration. Besides, life is short.


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