#IMReleaseRadar: The Latest OPM

This September

by Jace Amodo, October 01, 2019 4:30pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


#IMReleaseRadar: The Latest OPM This September

by Jace Amodo, October 01, 2019 4:30pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

"Breakup" seems to be the OPM scene's theme this month. Even so, there's no such thing as having too many breakup songs. Thanks to our talented musicians, one theme prompts different emotions, including sweet slumbers and footloose sentiments.

Here are the best and latest tracks under our radar this month:

Free by Over October
"She's everything I need no more, no less, I know we've got so much in store"

Have you ever felt like keeping a band all to yourself? Over October rings that internal alarm you never knew exists, thanks to their soothing and somewhat validating compositions. This much-awaited EP is a collection of the band members' songs from their early years—released in an order that tells a love story, from infatuation to the inevitable heartbreak.

'Paalam' by Ben&Ben
"Kahit na huling sulyap na lamang, malaman lang na 'di nagkulang"

This single marks the first collaboration between indie folk-pop band Ben&Ben and singer Moira Dela Torres. The thoroughness in "Paalam," be it lyrics or melody, lets listeners wallow in the pangs of a failed relationship.

'Hanggang Dito' by Room for Cielo
"Hanggang dito na lang ba, narating na ba natin ang dulo?"

Influenced by the 80s and 90s OPM scene, Room for Cielo's latest single reverberates childhood rhythms. Don't be fooled by the invigorating upbeat melody; the song tells the story of a breakup, which is a commonality amongst Manillennials. Somehow, the irony between the lyrics and the tune leaves a positive note.

'Paraiso' by One Click Straight
"Ikaw ang kahulugan ng pagibig"

In hindsight, "Paraiso" is a track that sings us to sleep in a good way. One Click Straight acclimatizes us with the definition of comfort from Verse 1 to fade. This song feels like driving around the city at midnight, windows opened and problems wilted—all the while reminding us of someone special.

'Hatinggabi' by The Bed Bites
"Pa’no kaya kung sakaling magwakas kislap ng ‘yong mata"

With influences such as pop band Orange & Lemons and singer-songwriter Rico Blanco, The Bed Bites will remind you of OPM's early (and prime) years. True to the band's concept, "Hatinggabi" is related to the universe and stars. It's about the thrill of venturing into uncertainty, filled with doubt and fear.

'Wala Na' by Sofia
"Akala ko kaya mo pa na lumaban sa 'ting dalawa, pero kita ko sa'yong mga mata na wala na"

How do you know when a relationship has already ended? Sofia tours us into a heartbreaking story, from holding onto good memories to the eventual closure. Every strum of her guitar, paired with raw lyricism, feels like a knife in a feeble heart—a testament to the young artist's talent.

'Ika'y Malaya' by Route 83
"Isang araw namulat ako, dahan-dahang ika'y lumalayo"

We're wrapping up this list with a bop track dropped by Route 83, featuring young singer Abigail Condrado. EDM rarely frequented #IMReleaseRadar but "Ika'y Malaya," with its exemplary arrangement, is an exemption. Its beautiful lyric video makes us swoon for more releases, and we're sure you will too.

You know the drill. Stream the full playlist here:


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