Meet the Local Content

Creators That'll Redefine Your

Next YouTube Marathon

by Jace Amodo, September 11, 2019 6:15pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel


Meet the Local Content Creators That'll Redefine Your Next YouTube Marathon

by Jace Amodo, September 11, 2019 6:15pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

The local YouTube community has grown exponentially, that even Pinoy celebs started vlogging, making it their passion playground. Moreover, Filipino content creators have expanded in the level of diversity. 

Today’s generation of content creators are no longer about building empires or amassing a huge following. Now it’s all about creating content for specific audiences with specific interests, (others too specific) making viewers feel more seen and heard.

Take it from a men's beauty guru, a post-grad student vlogger, a chief maritime engineer, and  more. YouTube gathered them all to inspire future generations to consume and create meaningful content. With such options, Filipinos have also unraveled interests buried deep inside them. 

Meet NextUp 2019 batch of content creators. Photo courtesy of Google Philippines.

Ready to meet some of these creators?

Reese Lansangan
For those with draft song compositions

Creating music and videos (and music videos) since 2009, Reese Lansangan is considered as a trailblazer in the local indie music scene. What started as a channel for cover songs has evolved into a home for original ones. Her songs branched into specific topics such as grammar, space exploration, and stalkers—even Mean Girls references are thrown into the mix!

For the reluctant health-conscious

Aileene. is a breather from all the health gurus we often see online. She understands that healthy eating is intimidating and difficult. To start a low carb diet or ketogenic diet is not your average challenge, but Aileene makes it look achievable through her simplified explanations. But most importantly, she promotes self-love and confidence.

Lex in Motion 
For frustrated lawyers

So you want to go to a Law School in the Philippines? Do you want to be able to answer law school exams like a barrister? Will you be able to juggle your studies and your part-time job? All your law-school woes were already answered by Lex in Motion—through easy-to-digest animated videos, no less! Think of him as your online study buddy to make your readings and recits a tad bit easier.

Dwight Tamayo 
For those on the search of a fallback career

There's a reason why viewership in "A Day in the Life" videos is one of the most popular categories in the YouTube community. In Dwight Tamayo's channel, we get to peek at poultry farming. He has been covering aspects of this topic since 2008, from designing cages and brooder houses to emergency preparedness to setting prices for poultry products.

Kuys Kiko
For men in need of a confidence boost

Kuys Kiko is the go-to beauty tutorial channel for guys. If you think about it, there aren't many local household names vlogging about a skincare routine and which facial product is best for males. Kiko, a proud LGBTQ+ member, aims to change that.

Rea Ninja
For the unsung heroes of the call-center industry

The Philippine outsourcing industry is immense that it gained the trust of countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan, and Canada. However, for some reason, most Filipinos still have little to no knowledge of being a call center agent. Cebuana vlogger Rea Alducente, aka Rea Ninja, took the liberty to share her own stories as a former corporate employee.

To recognize our Filipino talents, YouTube launched YouTube NextUp Manila in 2017. Its mission is to find 12 creators with 10K to 100K subscribers with good channel standing and enabled monetization. These creators will then undergo a week-long Creator Camp at YouTube Spaces with mentorship by NextUp Alumni, top creators, and industry experts.

Anyone can make it, says YouTube, and NextUp 2019's batch is a testament to that. Is your favorite vlogger on this list? Read our Part 2 for more!


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