Real Talk

When The Stage is

Your Classroom: Lessons From

The Theater Kids

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, September 12, 2019 3:40pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Real Talk

When The Stage is Your Classroom: Lessons From The Theater Kids

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, September 12, 2019 3:40pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

The arts industry has never been known to be a practical route. Especially in this country where we commonly hear "walang pera sa arts" or the term "starving artist" could be taken into literal context. Often we would think it's a field only the "privileged" would thrive in. As for state schools like Polytechnic University of the Philippines (or fondly dubbed as Pamantasang Utak ang Puhunan), their own theater arts organization Sining-Lahi Polyrepertory or Polyrep didn't let that notion of privilege stop them from pursuing their love for the arts.

This year, orgheld its version of Rody Vera’s Ang Unang Aswang with just one actress portraying all the characters in a play. Even with just a single person acting on stage, you can feel the passion of the team behind the production. We asked PUP’s resident theater kids on their experiences in aspiring for a spot in the field of theater arts:

Theater Club Teaches Discipline and Etiquette.

Those who aim to be an excellent theater person should have discipline. One of the examples is being on time for rehearsals or actual shows. Adhering to the call time means respecting others’ time. Discipline is one of the key principles of any theater organization, even in a school-based club.

Ang pinaka-nababaon namin pag-alis namin ng student theater organization, ‘yung etiquette, ‘yung simplest na pagpunta sa call time, ‘yung talagang perseverance when it comes to the work, when it comes to the craft,” Angelo Chua of Polyrep said.

PUP's Sining-Lahi Repertory reimagines Rody Vera's Ang Unang Aswang. Photo by Ahl Mirambel


It Helps You Hone Your Skills.

When you join a club, you are in hopes that your seniors will help you develop the talent you have within you. Through workshops, rehearsals, and other activities, you will find yourself growing as an artist. A theater club is also where you develop great character—patience, empathy, and excellence.

Theater Lets You Be Sociable.

Organizations are one way to meet friends outside of your classroom or thesis groups. School theater clubs can be your breather from heavy school paper works, and your chance to meet students from different courses and years. It’s a way of widening your network.

It features a single actress for all the roles. Photo by Ahl Mirambel


It Helps You Make a Stand.

Woke people filled today’s society. We look for ways to voice out our opinions and fight for what we think is right. Theater can be one outlet of activism.

Mabisa po siyang way para mag-inform, mag-himok ng tao, and magpamulat ng tao. Sa kabuuan po, makakatulong sa atin parama-realize ng tao talaga kung ano ‘yung sinasalamin ng lipunan natin,” Renier Pasiona of Polyrep said.

Theater Ignites Passion.

As you go through different activities in your club, you’ll find yourself craving for more. Your devotion to arts and to perform will take you to different places even though you are still in school. There’s a passion that won’t die with you because you know you are doing something for you and society.

The director opens the discussion for any questions from the audience. Photo by Ahl Mirambel

“[‘Yung theater] nakakapag-ignite ng passion, nakakapag-boost ng self-esteem. ‘Yung desire na matuto dito nae-establish,” Sofia Guerra of Polyrep said.

These are only some of the lessons people can acquire when they join a theater club. So, if the stage is calling you, better start early. There’s no one stopping you from joining.


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