These Songs of Coke

Studio PH 2019 Speak

for our Generation

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, September 10, 2019 10:40am


These Songs of Coke Studio PH 2019 Speak for our Generation

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, September 10, 2019 10:40am

There’s a sense of comfort when we hear songs we could relate to. Luckily for us, we have OPM that speaks for us when we couldn’t say the words. There’s Coke Studio Music Festival, an annual music fest that is now on its third season, that gives a platform to Filipino pop and indie artists and their music. For this year’s season, the theme is all about the #feels of the generation—makes sense since these artist’s lyrics are relatable, not to mention LSS-worthy.

When the battle is done, how long before we recover?
If the battle is won, how then do we face each other?
- “Ili (Hush)” by Bea Lorenzo

We face chaos—it’s inevitable. We are in a constant battle with ourselves most of the time. When the fight is over, it’s only a matter of when before you can recover. How long? That’s up to you.

Ang buhay ay tungkol sa kung papano ka bumangon at bumawi
Sa aking pagbalik sa liwanag ay nasilaw
Nasanay sa silid na laging patay ang ilaw
At kahit na nasasabon, wag na wag kang tatalon
Sa bawat bagyo tandaan laging may pag-asa Ron
- “Hagdan” by Ron Henley

In this fast-paced life, we always want instant—instant food, instant communication, instant success. But Ron Henley reminds us to take one step at a time and it’s okay to fail sometimes. What matters is how you pick yourself up and try again.

Teka lang, ano ba talaga tayo?
Dunung-dungan parang hindi natuto
Ayaw nga sa'yo

- “Papara” by St. Wolf

There will always be a point where you will force yourself into someone or something you like, hoping they would appreciate you in return. Sadly, you watch your hopes fall every time. But being the hard-headed person that you are, you do the same thing over and over again. St. Wolf knows how you feel.

Oh this universe is a curse
Where's timing so cruel to us
I don't know how to be alright
- “Parallel Universe” by Clara Benin

We don’t live in a utopic world and things won’t always go the way we planned them. When things go wrong (like loving a wrong person in the wrong time), we couldn’t help but wish there’s a parallel universe we could escape to.

Bahala na, ayoko muna magsalita
Hayaan na muna natin ang daloy ng tadhana
- “Kundiman” by Silent Sanctuary

With all that’s happening, let’s try to live and enjoy the moments we’re given. Don’t stress yourself out with you can’t control, and let the universe and fate do their job.

Oh ilang beses din sinubukan
Pinilit ang nararamdaman
Pero kulang
May kulang
- “Hindi Na Nga” by This Band

We all hear hugot songs about “friend zones” and falling in love with someone who doesn’t love them back. Little do we know, the people who fall out of love have their own struggles too.

Maging ang laot, walang takot na tatawirin
Kahit alon ay umabot sa papawirin
San man dako'y pinangakong makakarating
Ikaw lang ay makapiling
- “Kilometro” by Sarah Geronimo

Determination is key when you want to achieve something (or someone). For those who are striving hard in everything they do, keep going. You’ll get there, champ.

Ipikit mo na ang iyong mata
Ang nakaraa'y limutin na
Umaasang 'di ka na mawawala
- “Kahit Di Mo Alam” by December Avenue

As the saying goes, you have to make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your present. It’s cliche, but it still isn’t easy to do.

This generation has too many feelings to contain in just one song. We should thank these OPM artists for conveying our emotions. Because of them, we feel a little less alone.


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