Inside Manila Release Radar:

New Music This July

by Jace Amodo, August 16, 2019 5:25pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


Inside Manila Release Radar: New Music This July

by Jace Amodo, August 16, 2019 5:25pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

The onset of the wet season in the country left us feeling cold literally and, to our surprise, figuratively because of the train of feels local musicians gave us through their latest singles, EPs, and albums. Here are some of the fresh tracks that'll reverberate Inside Manila'sRelease Radar for quite a long time.

'An Opportunity to Go to the Moon' by Reese Lansangan
Oh, but once I flee, the moon will finally belong to me

Lyrical geniusReese Lansangan touches on her cosmic fascination as she drops a special celebratory single in time for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969. If you love space exploration as much as reeseypeasy here, "An Opportunity to Go to the Moon" is a go-to song. There's even a cutelyric video for a sing-along!

'Lamang Lupa' by Unique Salonga
Oh Lamang lupa 'san mo ba 'ko dadalhin?

Don't be fooled by the music video's colorful visuals painted by O/C Records. Despite the playful tune,Unique Salonga's "Lamang Lupa" describes the eerie feeling of drowning in a stream of depressing consciousness. It's amazing how such feeling extends beyond the 16-line lyrics—a true Unique Salonga fashion.

'Paraan' by Zsaris
Handa ka bang ilagay ang puso mo sa alangan?

It seems like storms and the Mercury Retrograde aren't the only chilly things that passed by the month of July. "One-woman band"Zsaris also released "Paraan," which is a reminder to take chances so you might not regret it later.

'Nang Iwan' by This Band
Ano bang mali bakit sa tuwing iibig ako'y laging sawi

Nobody wants to feel unappreciated. Nobody wants to tolerate being hurt. But more often than not, people sacrifice their self-respect for love. There's no lesson in this song byThis Band; just a space to wallow in your sadness. And sometimes, it's enough. It's human.

UDD by Up Dharma Down
Can't wait to be young again and be more than just a friend

We can't blame you if you're one of the fans who got excited forUp Dharma Down's (UDD) latest album in 2015 and even last year. UDD seemed to have a three-year gap with their album releases, from Capacities (2012), Bipolar (2009), to Fragmented (2006). But nine years later, our wish has been fulfilled through the self-titled 2019 album.

Touchdown by Never The Strangers
Both our hearts reopen, lovers for a weekend

Is there a person worthy of your eyes than Mona Lisa in the same room?Never The Strangers likes to believe so. The three-piece alt-rock band has amassed praise from their fans fans upon their EP release, and rightfully so. Touchdown brings the synth pop vibe NTS is known for, but still managing to keep it fresh.

Kulayan Natin by Munimuni
Kulayan natin ng ngiti at tawa, ang mga araw na makulimlim

Reminiscent lyrics and compelling sound are what makes Munimuni admired by many OPM fans. The five-piece bandMunimuni returned the love by surprising them with their debut album, Kulayan Natin. With songs running from four to 10 minutes, it'll be a hundred percent pleasurable to attend the gigs to come.

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