Mayonnaise: Withstanding The Ever-Changing

OPM Scene

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, August 09, 2019 3:10pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel


Mayonnaise: Withstanding The Ever-Changing OPM Scene

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, August 09, 2019 3:10pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

“Dadalhin kita sa aming bahay. ‘Di tayo mag-aaway. Aalis tayo sa tunay na mundo.” -Mayonnaise

Rock bands filled the millennials’ pre-teen years with their words and music, and now, nostalgia hits us every time we stream their songs. One of the songs that gave us the Last Song Syndrome (LSS) was “Jopay,” a hit and trademark of Mayonnaise—a band we grew up with and has been around for 17 years. They are known for their songs like “Tayo Na Lang Dalawa,” “Synesthesia,” and “Paraan.”

When Mayonnaise first gained popularity, it was the same time when bands like Bamboo, Sugarfree, and Spongecola were also on the rise. Since Mayonnaise is around for more than a decade, they witnessed the changes in the OPM scene—from acoustic conquering the airwaves to rock, rock to EDM, and now indie artists conquer the stage. 

Mayonnaise never fails to bring back the old school vibe. Photo courtesy of GNNP.

Staying True to Their Core

Even with all the changes, the band didn’t let the waves change their style. Frontman Monty Macalino said they do not let go of the idea of noisy and loud guitars. They noticed contemporary bands have the ‘80s wave feel, but Mayonnaise still opted to stick with rock and roll. So, the secret to staying the way Mayonnaise is? Staying true to what their music is and who they are as a band.

Kaya siguro nawiwithstand yung mga ganung trends, kasi hindi kami nakikisabay but nakikinig ako kung ano yung uso ngayon kaya mayroon akong awareness na, ‘Ah, ito pala yung gusto ng mga kabataan ngayon,’” Monty said.

They don’t give much attention if their music is still “in.” All that matters to them is making songs they like, and hopefully, their fans would like the songs, too.

Catch Mayonnaise at their upcoming concert! Photo courtesy of GNNP.


The Prize For Waiting

After 17 years, Mayonnaise finally got the major concert they deserve—”Akalain Mo ‘Yun.” And they showed old school is still cool as their concert last June 29 was a sold-out event. There’s even a part two coming up. For this second part of their concert, they will have special guests and new arrangements with the string quartet, Manila String Machine, They are also hoping they would be able to write new songs for the show.

Mayonnaise proves patience will go a long way. So their advice for budding artists and bands is this: “Patience lang. Mainip, talo.” Also, they advise them to set their priorities right.

For their fans, old and new, they would like to thank you from the bottom of their hearts as you go out your way to watch them play. For Mayonnaise, it’s you letting them be a part of who you are. Music really is a vital part of Mayonnaise’s life and they will continue to make music for themselves and for the world to hear.

PS: Mayonnaise said the song “Dahil Ikaw (Ang Kailangan Ko)” best describes their journey as a band. They dedicate this piece to music since they can’t live without it. So, if you want to get a feel of Mayonnaise, make sure to listen to this one.

Catch Mayonnaise’s concert, Akalain Mo ‘Yun Part 2, at the Music Museum, San Juan, on September 7. Click here to know how to get your tickets.

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