Love Songs with Social

Relevance is What Bandido

is All About

by Anna Rica Rodriguez, August 09, 2019 11:00am

Art by Ahl Mirambel


Love Songs with Social Relevance is What Bandido is All About

by Anna Rica Rodriguez, August 09, 2019 11:00am
Art by Ahl Mirambel

As straightforward as Filipino pop-punk gets, the genre can also be charming with its song lyrics, pointing toward a deep sadness, brought about by love and oftentimes, depression. Local band Bandido speaks truths we all face every day, but the band speaks about it in carefully woven tunes and words. They sing of financial difficulties, taboos, and political issues. If we can’t scream these problems to the world without being mistaken as entitled brats, we might as well sing it. Add the frontman's power vocals that are trembling with feelings and lively performances, Bandido’s music is exactly the kind of music we need today.

Circulating music through campuses and underground stages, Bandido is making a scene in the music industry. Bandido is an alternative rock band composed of Abel John Muriel (vocalist), Daniel Armedilla (guitar), Genaro Alvarez (guitar), Ced Olayres (bassist), and Yohan Stifler (drums). The group is ready to combat issues, be it personal or political, through music.


Taga-Espana ka, ako nama’y taga-Sta Mesa.
‘Di man ganoon kalayo, malayo ang agwat nating dalawa
Halata naman sa baon mo, pang-tuition fee ko na.
At saka yung kutis mong parang pang-artista…”

Their first single "Arcie" is a story of two lovers having a different economic status which leads them to separation. The guy is willing to do everything for Arcie to keep their relationship, yet Arcie simply vanished and found another guy to share her affection. 


"Kaya sorry kung bihira lang tayo magkita
Sorry kung palaging hindi makasama
Sorry kung nung birthday mo wala akong regalo
Sorry kung paulit-ulit damit na suot ko 

Bandido also recognizes how relationship can’t subsist on truthfulness alone, and they’re reduced to saying "Sorry" for not having the option to conquer that. 


Iba na kasi ngayon
Nagbago na ang panahon
Sa kalsada bawal na magpagabi
‘Pag hinatid ka pa baka hindi na ko makauwi
Hindi na makauwi nang buhay…”

"Nanlaban" revolves around the paranoia of living in an increasingly violent society. The song speaks about a guy who can’t take her girlfriend home in fear of being attacked and accused as a drug-user for his appearance. It seeks to battle the social taboo on how having long hair, tattoos, and ear piercings are equivalent to criminals. 


Ang sabi mo baby, wala na ‘kong trabaho
Kasi baby, nag-endo na kontrata ko
Oh baby, nakikinig ka ba?
Sabihin ko’y oo, kahit naglalaro lang ako
Naglalaro ng cellphone ko”

"Unemployed" is a story of a college student working in a mall to support her family, who became a victim of contractualization. She also takes risks to apply for work abroad and leave her loved ones. OFW and employment issues just hit differently when sung in a song.


Sawa na kami sa propaganda
Pinapaikot lang ang masa.”

"Propaganda" is misleading or biased information used to promote or publicize a political cause that people are just tired of hearing or reading the news.  

Bandido also released two new single tracks entitled "Tanders." It’s about how young generations have personal issues and struggles that are in need of guidance and understanding from the elders.  "Perslab" is also about a sorrowful story of a person wanting to end his life due to heartbreak. Yet he realizes the love of his mother—the true embodiment of our “perslab.”

Songs about love that also envisions the real situation of our society. This is exactly the kind of music we need today. Check Bandido’s songs and add them into your playlist. Know more about Bandido’s music and stream their songs via Spotify and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  


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