10 Full-Length Films You

Shouldn’t Miss at Cinemalaya


by Inside Manila Team, August 09, 2019 10:30am

Art by Dani Elevazo


10 Full-Length Films You Shouldn’t Miss at Cinemalaya 2019

by Inside Manila Team, August 09, 2019 10:30am
Art by Dani Elevazo

The Philippines' biggest independent film festival is set to roll out the red carpet again. Cinemalaya Film Festival will happen at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and at selected cinemas from August 2 to August 13. This is one of the most awaited local events every year, especially by film enthusiasts. Celebrating its 15th year, the Cinemalaya Film Festival aims to promote local independent films with new sets of 10-full length films to watch. Here are the entries for Cinemalaya 2019:

Directed by Theodore Boborol

Iska, a grandmother who wants to take her 10-year-old autistic grandson into a special needs orphanage, is deemed an unfit guardian by the media and the government. Despite dealing with life’s blows one after the other, Iska never loses her tenacity to survive.

John Denver Trending
Directed by Arden Rod Condez

A 14-year-old farmboy’s life is suddenly upended when a video of him brutally attacking a classmate went viral.

irected by Kim Zuñiga and Sandro del Rosario

When his grandfather falls ill, an orphaned boy and his malfunctioning robot embark on a quest to save the old man's life.

Belle Douleur
Directed by Joji V. Alonso

A story of a woman’s journey of finding happiness as she breaks free from the confines that society puts on women. That is until she meets a younger man (Kit Thompson) who shows interest in her home's antiques and breaks all her rules, setting her off on wild adventures.

Directed by Danica Sta. Lucia

A pessimistic uninspired middle-aged artist finds a spark with a millennial photographer who leads her on a path of creative and sexual reawakening. 

Annak Ti Karayan
Directed by Maricel Cariaga

Four kids talk about their friendship by the river and engage in mindless squabble. A coming-of-age story about Elias and his three friends who suddenly need to grow up and take on the responsibility of their father left as they went away in a battle they surely can't win.

Directed by Thop Nazareno

A teenage boy who has been forced to live under the hospital bed of a sick father tries to live a normal life.

Pandanggo sa Hukay
Directed by Sheryl Rose M. Andes

A small-town midwife’s preparation for a job interview is disrupted by a series of unfortunate events.

Directed by Xian Lim

Suspects are being hunted down and accused of killing a man, but the road to the truth is disillusioned and bloody.

Fucc Bois
Directed by Eduardo Roy, Jr. 

Two attractive pageant contestants (Royce Cabrera and Kokoy De Santos) end in a different path once a scandal breaks out. 

Which film are you excited to watch? You may check Cinemalaya website for ticket prices, packages, schedules, and venues. 


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