Under the Radar

SoFA GradShow 2019: Breaking

The Rules of Design

by Inside Manila Team, August 07, 2019 12:55pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Under the Radar

SoFA GradShow 2019: Breaking The Rules of Design

by Inside Manila Team, August 07, 2019 12:55pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Design is a word, a concept, and a process where endless possibilities exist within a universe. But design does not evolve within a vacuum. A community of people and organizations are charged with incubating the creative and the pragmatic, making sure these attributes cover at the right moment and under the best circumstances.

The role of a design school is to ensure students can envision their eventual contributions to society. The most important guarantee the academe can offer in this regard is this: illustrating to the aspiring designer how stories, personal or collective, can be curated into useful and beautiful objects, spaces, and forms.

SoFA Design Institute arms their students with an elaborate grouping of strategies and tactics in support of this necessary evolution. They are a boot camp, the place where civilians morph from those who want to create into those who are able to create. Where those who are able to create grow into those who must do just that.

Survival and success are never assured in the fluid, competitive world of design. Therefore, SoFa strives to gift our students with the single most important tool cherished by a creative person: the ability and confidence to achieve positive outcomes regardless of the challenge. How? Through the SoFA Method, an inspirational yet pragmatic, step-by-step process that empowers aspiring designers with a sturdy scaffolding upon which to sculpt their story.

At SoFa, the first step in creative work is research. For many designers, especially students, this involves rummaging through the media for artistry they admire. A so-called "mood board," a collage of images ripped out of context and appropriated by the designer typically serves an inspirational foundation for subsequent steps. They have eliminated, banned this process entirely from their curriculum.

SoFa likes to define this referencing, this smuggling of others’ creative output as an unwitting form of plagiarism. But doesn’t the student need, desperately, a starting point? Yes. Emphatically yes. And that starting point, SoFa believes, should be, must be, the student himself, the student herself.

And so at SoFA, the design process always begins autobiographically. It is a value the student holds. An emotion the student feels. A relationship the student values. Or an experience the student was affected by. These intangibles are translated through a grueling critical process into physical reality;  into a formal language that remains unique and independent, a language not spoken before.

On August 7, 7pm, SoFa’s graduating sophomore and senior fashion students will showcase the fruits of these transformations in the Bench building in Bonifacio Global City. As the spotlights illuminate their models gliding along the runway, the audience will instantly be made aware that something different is going on. Each collection is unique. Risk-taking has been embraced. Success or failure is beside the point. And above all, metamorphosis is in full swing.

For more information, visit www.sofa.edu.phor follow SoFa Design Institute on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This article is created based on a press release by SoFA Design Institute.


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