7 Weird, Exciting Holidays

Celebrated Every August

by Inside Manila Contributor, August 01, 2019 3:46pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


7 Weird, Exciting Holidays Celebrated Every August

by Inside Manila Contributor, August 01, 2019 3:46pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

The month of August is packed with a whole lot of nationalism, and cultural festivities as we Filipinos celebrate auspicious holidays such as Eid Al-Adha on the 12th and 13th, Ninoy Aquino Day on the 21st, and National Heroes Day on the 26th.

While we spend these holidays showing respect and admiration for the country and culture, there are these unusual yet fun holidays that call for our global admiration. 

Aug 2. International Beer Day

What better way to start off the month than with a cold bottle of beer? It’s a great excuse for you and your friends to gather around for a night out in the local pub. Or better yet, invite some of your best buds over for some beer and bbq (best combination ever). If you’re not feeling up to it, you can do something lowkey like watch a spoken word performance with a beer in hand. The month may be hot, but it isn’t something a bottle of beer can’t fix, amirite? (Note: Drink responsibly; hangovers aren’t nice)


Aug 6. Fresh Breath Day

We don’t know about you, but onion breath should be a major no-no! There’s nothing like talking to someone with bad breath and trying to maintain a straight face through it all or, even worse, being the culprit after eating a six-inch Subway sandwich with extra onion slices. So let’s all brush them pearly whites like we’re in a toothpaste commercial and celebrate Fresh Breath Day! You could also celebrate by giving out gum and mints to people with no context.

Aug 12. Middle Child Day

The Middle Child Syndrome is an actual ordeal, and it’s about time we give some extra lovin’ to our fellow middle children. If you have a middle child or siblings, show your appreciation by taking them out for a chill hangout and dinner—they deserve it. If you’re a middle child yourself, no more hand-me-downs for you! Treat yourself today with a new pair of shoes, clothes, or whatever makes you happy.


Aug 13. Left-Handers Day

This one’s for all those people that had to adjust writing on desks made for right-handed people—the ones that had to constantly get themselves into unintentional elbow fights. We want you to know that your struggles are valid. We see you trying to write without getting ink smudged all over your hands. We see you struggling to write on a spiral-bound book. We see you, honey, and you’re doing great.

The world can be kinda unfair to left-handed people, so let’s give them a break from having to give in to our right-handed needs for one day. Let them have the armrest this time or create a left hand- friendly handshake. It’s the thought that counts.

Aug 17. Thrift Shop Day

Speaking of hand-me-downs, here’s a great way to jazz up your closet and get ready for the upcoming change in season: thrifting! We don’t mean to pick sides, but the Metro does have some of the best thrift stores that are a bang for the buck. You could also opt to donate some of your pre-loved items to nearby ukay-ukays instead; we’re sure your fits will find a great home.

If you aren’t in the thrifting mood, you could educate yourself on the fast-fashion industry and why it’s better to invest in sustainable clothing that will last you a longer time instead.


Aug 23. Kiss and Makeup Day

We have the month of February to celebrate the holiday of Love and Admiration and all that other gooey stuff but let’s face it, sometimes things aren’t always that smooth sailing. Maybe you and your partner had a fallout or misunderstanding that lasted way longer than it should’ve; maybe you had a “WE WERE ON A BREAK” (*screams in Ross*) moment and want to reconcile with an ex... Kiss and Makeup Day is a great day to sort those things out.

Now, now... we’re not saying you should wait for this specific day to make things right but let’s acknowledge the fact that there’s nothing better than being able to make up after a fight that’s way overdue. That’s what makes any relationship worthwhile.

Aug 26. Dog Appreciation Day

Well, it IS called the DOG days of summer, there’s gotta be another reason why that’s so, right? We personally believe that this is the best holiday on the list. You could be having the worst day/week/month of your life, but your dog knows exactly how to make you feel better. If you aren’t feeling up to beer with the gang, you could always just chill at home with your good ol’ pup. Wanna know who will love you despite your stinky breath? Your dog. How about when things don’t work out with the partner and you need a cuddle? Your dog’s got you.

If you’re looking for something special to do for your dog on Dog Appreciation Day, have a doggy day out by taking your furry friend to a dog park or feeding them their favorite snacks. 

Why don’t you share the love and appreciation with other dogs while you’re at it? You can adopt a furry friend or volunteer in local shelters and organizations for pets. 


August seems to be looking up with these appreciation related holidays but remember, you don’t need a specific day to show your love and appreciation for someone or something. Every day is a celebration if you want it to be.

Written by Manisha Mirchandani for


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