Communication Is Key! Tips

For Shared Dorm Living

by Inside Manila Team, July 31, 2019 4:15pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel


Communication Is Key! Tips For Shared Dorm Living

by Inside Manila Team, July 31, 2019 4:15pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

Ever had that roomie who leaves empty snack packs lying around? What about the one that surprises you with new college buds? Of course, we can’t skip that roommate who leaves a trail of clothes behind!

College is a tough time for students, and we can all relate when we say the dorm is ultimately our safe haven. It’s the calm in the middle of the storm that is papers and exams and all our million other requirements. So here are some tips on how to not be that roommate who destroys the sanctity of the safe, comfortable space of the dorm aka home.

Set some ground rules and follow them to a T!

You have to agree with your roommates on some rules to achieve a harmonious living relationship. Lights off when you sleep? Doors locked even when someone’s inside? No drinking? Can you bring friends around? Talk with your roomies and sort it all out! 

Be selfish when it comes to your rubbish.

Wondering where the empty bag of chips you left on your bed went to? Your roommate might not have been too happy when they threw it because of the crawling ants. What about that juice bottle you finished last night? Oh, and don’t forget the soiled gym shirt you used the day before!

We always say, “Sharing is caring,” and it’s been one of the best lessons growing up. But as with everything else, there’s always an exception to the rule. One thing we do not have to share with our roommates is our trash!

Clean is always the way to go, but it quadruples in importance when you’re sharing a dormitory with other people. It may be common to not have strict hygienic habits, at least for others, but it won’t hurt if we start being more aware of our clutter. Plus, more consideration for your roommates will definitely earn you more roomie points!

Consult before you bring home new faces.

It’s nice to meet new friends and familiarize yourself with new faces. But we must never forget that others would rather meet new people in their own time and in places other than the privacy of their home.

You can always negotiate with your roomies. Just make sure to ask first before you bring friends over. Go ahead and have a slumber party with everyone if it’s A-okay with your housemates. Just respect their decision if they prefer not having non-roommates around. 

Avoid indulging in vices that affect your roommates negatively.

We all have moments where we turn to some habits as a means of coping (sometimes because we simply like them). However, we can’t discount that some vices are more harmful than others, with some affecting those around you.

When living with others, we must always think about the welfare of those we live with, more so in situations where we might be the cause of exposing them to possible roots of negative things. In these situations, we must doubly think that we are not the sole inhabitants of the place.

There are still quite a number of things that can be added to this list, but it all boils down to being mindful of the space we share, being more understanding, and of course, having constant communication with those we live with. It’s always better to have amicable living relationships with our roomies than to have frayed connections with them.

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