Food and Drinks

7 Stir-Fry Combinations for

Picky Eaters

by Inside Manila Contributor, July 31, 2019 2:35pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Food and Drinks

7 Stir-Fry Combinations for Picky Eaters

by Inside Manila Contributor, July 31, 2019 2:35pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

Have you ever looked at a menu and liked a meal but wanted to opt out on an ingredient? Or maybe you’re on a new fitness journey but can’t seem to find a restaurant that caters to your diet on a budget? What if we told you there’s a restaurant that allows you to customize your meals to your liking?

Wok2Go takes fast-casual dining to a whole new level with its “Make Your Own Wok Mix,” which allows customers to pick their sauce, base, and toppings. From the eight sauces and a wide variety of ingredients, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whatever diet you’re on—whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or on keto. 

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To save you the trouble of having to pick a combination of ingredients, we did the thinking for you with these seven possible combinations that are sure to make your mouth water.

Gourmet Sweet 'n' Spicy Pancit Canton
Adobo Sauce + Rice Noodles + Chopped Chili + (Your choice of meat) + Egg (Optional)

It’s the noodle-y snack we all know and love. It is great for breakfast (with a side of egg), lunch, dinner, and even post-dinner snack. We know all our college readers out there can relate when we say, instant Pancit Canton has saved lives. But, let’s face it. It isn’t thaaat healthy to be eating instant noodles all the time, so why not make your gourmet version that tastes the same but is healthier? You might want to add a wine glass of water on the side to give you the five Michelin star experience. 

Art by Ahl Mirambel/Inside Manila


Vegetarian Stir-Fry
Teriyaki Sauce + Rice Noodles or White Rice + Shiitake Mushrooms + Cauliflower Sesame Seeds 

Here’s one for all the plant-eaters. It can be quite tough trying to find a fast-food chain that offers a wide range of vegetarian options that isn’t a salad. And when you do come across one, it tends to be quite pricey. Luckily, at Wok2Go, you can customize your meal to your liking and know what exact ingredients are added to it. 

Art by Ahl Mirambel/Inside Manila

Spicy Vegan Thai Curry
Green Curry Sauce + Red Rice + Fried Tofu + Broccoli + Bell Pepper + Chopped Chili + Crushed Peanuts

Our Vegans out there don’t have to miss out on the good stuff. The Thai Curry is just one out of the many vegan combinations that you can make, all you have to do is either choose fried tofu as a meat replacement or just ask for no meat, and you’re good to go!

Art by Ahl Mirambel/Inside Manila

Bye-bye Rice, Hello Keto!
Pepper Sauce + Mixed Vegetables + Tuna + Cauliflower + Sesame Seeds

Here’s a great meal for those on a fitness journey. A Keto diet is a high-fat low-carb diet that helps in weight loss while being fully energized. The ingredients in the combination may be replaced with other ingredients on the menu as long as they’re keto-friendly. 

Art by Ahl Mirambel/Inside Manila


Sinigang Noodles
Sinigang Sauce + Rice Noodles + Pork+ Chopped Chili

Straight off the bat, Sinigang has got to be one of the Filipino dishes that we all crave. And although there’s nothing compared to homemade Sinigang, Wok2Go has a Sinigang sauce with a taste that’s pretty spot on. If you’re feeling a lil’ experimental, why not switch out the rice for noodles and see what that tastes like?

Art by Ahl Mirambel/Inside Manila

Stir Fry Kimchi Noodles with Egg
Gochujang Sauce + Rice Noodles + Fried Tofu + Sesame Seeds + Kimchi + Egg

Raise your hand if you’re a Kimchi fan and think Kimchi Noodles is the superior noodle dish. Since we’re all on the same page here, this combination is a must-try if you’re craving Korean food but don’t have the patience to wait in line—less than 3 minutes and you’re good to go!

Art by Ahl Mirambel/Inside Manila

Soy-braised Pork with Shiitake Mushrooms
Soy Honey Garlic sauce + White Rice + Pork + Shiitake Mushrooms + Fried Shallots

This combination testifies that Wok2Go makes classy dining accessible to the everyday person on-the-go. Imagine being able to indulge in this meal within your one-hour lunch break. Amazing!  (Note: All base includes Bean Sprouts, Carrots, Onion, Cabbage, and Snow Cabbage.)

Art by Ahl Mirambel/Inside Manila


With fresh, fun, and fast as its promise, Wok2Go could be your favorite quick go-to lunch spot when fast food doesn’t quite make the cut. If you can’t make up your mind on what to order on your trip to Wok2Go, you could pick off of their Signature Wok Mix menu or try out one of the combinations above! Wok2Go is also available for takeout in Chinese-inspired takeout boxes that will have you feeling like the cast of Big Bang Theory

Wok2Go has branches at Dragon Plaza, Pasay City, and Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For more information, follow Wok2Go Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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