Under the Radar

With Oris, One Watch

Can Help Save the


by Inside Manila Team, July 23, 2019 3:46pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Under the Radar

With Oris, One Watch Can Help Save the Ocean

by Inside Manila Team, July 23, 2019 3:46pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

They say luxury watches as a reflection of a person’s wealth is a common social norm. Swiss watchmaker, Oris, puts environment cause behind its complex-detailed pieces, proving that high-end, expensive watches are more than just timeless fashion pieces and investments.

With a mission to save the oceans, Oris introduces the Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III and the Oris Clean Ocean Limited Edition. The brand now adds a third watch to the series, the new Chronograph Oris Blue Whale Limited Edition as part of the Oris Ocean Trilogy Box Set.

With these three watches, Oris covers the three pillars of the Ocean Project: restoring, cleaning, and protecting—each model dedicated to a special mission.

Great Barrier Reef III (Restoring the Reef)

The Great Barrier Reef III limited edition watch is linked to the world’s largest and most diverse reef system. Oris has partnered with a non-profit social enterprise, the Reef Restoration Foundation, which has begun coral planting projects. For this season, a part of the sales will be donated to the Reef Restoration Foundation.

Oris Clean Ocean Edition (Cleaning the Ocean)

The Oris Clean Ocean Limited Edition is designed to cleaning up the oceans. The UN’s environmental arm estimates that eight million tons of plastic reach the ocean every year. To prevent this man-made catastrophe, Oris teams up with Pacific Garbage Screening, which has developed an innovative floating platform that acts like a giant sieve collecting plastic wastes from rivers, estuaries, and the ocean.

Oris Blue Whale Edition (Protect the Mighty Blue Whale)

Oris announced a partnership with the charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation aimed to protect these majestic creatures. This watch is equipped with a chronograph function and same visual code, with an aqua-blue ceramic bezel and a gradient aqua-blue dial. This watch is only available as part of a box set.

Fashionable? That’s a given. Forward-thinking? Definitely. You can never go wrong with these fashion-forward watches as an accessory in your hand, while having its purpose of saving the ocean.

This article is created based on a press release by Oris.


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