Inside Mandaluyong: Exploring The

Tiger City from Within

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, July 17, 2019 5:35pm


Inside Mandaluyong: Exploring The Tiger City from Within

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, July 17, 2019 5:35pm

A long time ago, there lived a lovely chieftain’s daughter named Manda. As a tradition during those times, a man who will win a series of tribal competitions will win the hand of the fine maiden. Luyong, a maharlika despised by Manda’s father, took the challenge and won. Manda and Luyong married each other despite the disapproval of the maiden’s father. They settled in a place that was later named as Mandaluyong, which came from both of their names.

This is only one of the legends of how Mandaluyong came to be. But no matter what the legends and myths say, it is now a thriving community and even got itself a moniker—The Tiger City.

The ever-busy roads of Shaw Boulevard and EDSA intersection. (Photo by Anna Rodriguez/Inside Manila)


Growling Glory

Mandaluyong is the sixth smallest city in the Philippines but that doesn’t stop its economy from growing. It isn’t deemed the “Tiger City” for nothing. It has a total of 27 barangays and is also where a part of Ortigas Business Center, the second most important business district after Makati Central Business district, is located. So whenever you see fast-paced people in business attire along EDSA-Ortigas, you know where they are heading to.

Not only Mandaluyong is thriving in its economy, we also raise our glasses to this city for winning several awards like the “Presidential Award for Most Child-Friendly City in the Highly Urbanized City Category,” the “Kabalikat Award for Local Government Unit in National Capital Region,” the “Green Banner Award” for its Nutrition Program, the “Galing Pook Award” for best practices in local governance. Talk about a wild yet charming city, huh?

A portion of Greenfields District. Yes, there's a place like this in Madaluyong. (Photo by Anna Rodriguez/Inside Manila)


Hangouts and Whereabouts

Mandaluyong might sound a little serious from here on out, but that’s just a part of it.  The city is where the biggest shopping malls in the country like SM Megamall and Shangri-La Plaza are. That said, your barkadahangout dilemmas are solved! There are restaurants, skating rinks, bowling alleys, and cinema houses—you’ll never run out of ideas with your best buddies or families.

Mandaluyong has more than just malls too. For a group that wants a little adventure and thrill, the city can offer Breakout Philippines, the best escape room game as they call it. If you just want to play, there’s Trampoline Park. There are also other places in Greenfield District where you can find places to eat, drink, or just chill.

Opting for a staycation? There are lots of condominium units to choose from, and they are affordable. Want something artsy or anything related to the local art scene? has something good in store for you. All of these options don’t even come close to what Mandaluyong has to offer.

Digging Deeper into Mandaluyong

You can pass by Mandaluyong through train (MRT Ortigas, Shaw and Boni stations cover the city), bus, or a jeepney. A lot of people get off at certain points and walk inside Mandaluyong to go to work, school, or have a good time. It may be just another city for most people and it may not have the same rich history as Manila or an alive nightlife like Makati’s Poblacion, but it has so much to give to every Manillennial out there. We’re sure Mandaluyong’s economy is not the only one that thrives, but also its value to everyone who has been a part of it.

More than a business district or a hangout spot, Mandaluyong is home. It is home to your favorite magtataho, takatak vendor, bus inspector, or just the random person you see on the street trying not to get late for work. 

You'll never see this area run out of people. (Photo by Anna Rodriguez/Inside Manila)


We hope that the next time you pass by Mandaluyong, you’ll see it from a different perspective. Beyond those tall buildings and large malls, we hope you’ll see it as a part of history—a part of our country. It is alive and it is just waiting for you to discover its hidden and growling glory. Welcome to Mandaluyong.


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