Beauty and Fashion

6 Local Brands That

Will Ante Up your

Streetwear Game Under P999

by Maria Romero, September 18, 2018 3:21pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Beauty and Fashion

6 Local Brands That Will Ante Up your Streetwear Game Under P999

by Maria Romero, September 18, 2018 3:21pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

With its fusion of the comfort of everyday fashion and swank style, Streetwear trend has abruptly become popular among urban youths regardless of gender and social status. Over the years, it has evolved to be more than just clothing—it has become its own thriving culture of individuals and communities sharing the same unique love for artistry and expression.

For someone outside of this fashion revolution, sporting streetwear may seem pretty intimidating. But truth be told: Anyone can pull off the streetwear style without breaking their banks. And we’re here to get you started on where to cop your streetwear essentials through these homegrown brands under 999php budget:

  1. Happy Hunting Ground Clothing

Born in 2016, Happy Hunting Ground Clothing is the “concept of the afterlife by several of the Great Plains tribes.” Their designs that are uniquely on the threshold of maximalist and basic presence are amplifying their desire for greatness.

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Must have: Rose Mallow Love Nature Tee in Black.


Other than high-quality shirts, SET SAIL prides itself in allowing people to seek their true self through modern streetwear aesthetics baring traditional art designs combined with street photography. Since 2013, this brand is breaking barriers to achieve supreme success.

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Must have: Basic White Shirt.

  1. DRONE Clothing Co.

Drone Clothing Co. is not only a brand on the market for profit but it is also a distinctive label that develops a character for themselves in the name of artistry and vision. They are among the few who definitely know who they are and what they represent—casual and comfortable pieces for everyday craze.

Must have: Drugs and Candy Shirt from Drone’s Q3/18 Collection.

  1. We Drool

Their brand name definitely lives up to their products because since 2014, they are making fashionistas drool with their tees inspired by the brand's passion for street culture. Their delicately-designed pieces are representations of our wild and childlike characters.

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always looking forward 📷 @jasperlawan

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Must have: Our Skull Island in Black.

  1. Dgrave Apparel

Finding the best streetwear style that suits your lifestyle and social status is not a picnic in the park but Dgrave Apparel does the hard work for you. Through their diverse and powerful pieces, you’ll be given the chance to explore your personal style. Dgrave is certainly for the bold!

Must have: Invitation for Dead Society hoodie.

  1. RIOT

Contrary to their name, RIOT is a label that makes you at peace with your self-confidence through their trademark tee made to uplift one’s spirit. This game-changing brand is scuttling towards dominating the streets of the world.

Must have: Nudes Shirt.

True enough, we are what we wear and what we put in our bodies are expressions of what we represent. With that, proudly wear the flags of our local shops and be on the way to explore your personal unique style!


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