We Found a Conveyor

Belt Sushi Restaurant In


by Sherry Tadeja, July 05, 2019 5:05pm

Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila


We Found a Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant In Mandaluyong

by Sherry Tadeja, July 05, 2019 5:05pm
Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

It’ll be quick to be fond of Japanese food once you get to taste it. The cuisine itself is a breath of fresh air: usually healthy, tasty, fresh, and well proportioned. It also reflects Japan's culture—minimalist, clean, and simple. So, if you love this particular cuisine, you’ll enjoy it even more with Genki Sushi, a Japanese dining experience like no other.

At Genki Sushi, they take “express” to a whole new level. The concept of the store is from the “express service” of sushi restaurants in Japan where sushi is made, placed and delivered to customers’ tables via conveyor belts. 

The only right thing to say in this situation is Itadakimasu! Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

The restaurant's main attraction is its ordering system called Kousoku Express Train System. Integrated with a Touch tablet, it delivers orders in a fun, speedy, and convenient way. Don't get intimidated with all the modern tech happening, because the interior's simplified setup quite similar to American diners is home during your entire Genki Experience. Who doesn’t want a homey vibe while dining?

Genki Sushi's interior is close to an American Diner. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Getting you in the #GenkiExperience isn't just the delight of seeing a train of Japanese dishes pass byit’s also about the flavorful food. Their roster of Japanese dishes from sushi, rice rolls, temaki, and seared salmon is what makes Genki an experience to remember.

We recommend you start your Japanese course with a Hana Sushi (180php). It’s an inside out sushi roll made out of salmon, sticky rice at the core and topped off with fish roe (aka fish egg). The dish resembles the shape of a flower, hence the name. Enjoy it's simple, flavorful, and fresh taste to get you in the zone to order more.

A plate of Hana Sushi is kawaii enough to eat. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

If you’re not into raw seafood, take it up a notch with Seared Salmon with Black Pepper (140php) and Seared Salmon Supreme (180php). You can even have one of everything with their Seared Trio (199php) made up of Seared Salmon with Black Pepper, Seared Salmon Supreme, and Seared Salmon with Pollock Roe.

Three’s not a crowd (and quite a fill) with Genki’s Seared Trio. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Despite its name, Genki Sushi offers more than just sushi; they also have a variety of your favorite fried Japanese dishes such as the Fried Chicken Gunkan (70php), Tuna Balls with Teriyaki Sauce (180php), and Fried Gyoza (170php). It’s perfect for non-sushi fans or for kids to enjoy.

Fried Chicken Gunkan, Tuna Balls with Teriyaki Sauce, and Fried Gyoza. Sushi, non-sushi fans, and kids alike will find solace in fried options. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila. 

Our local food history also has a special place in Genki Sushi—literally under their “Promotions” Menu. Their latest food fusion is Japanese Tuna Adobo (180php), Minced Seafood (260php), and Minced Pork (250php) all inspired by our well-loved sisig dish. Don’t miss the chance to try these before they’re off of the menu!

Order one or order all these fusion food at Genki Sushi is loved by customers—Filipino or not. Photo by Dani Elevazo.

While waiting for your orders to arrive (or while still deciding on which to get), make your self a complimentary hot cup of green tea. It’s a proven antioxidant and helps with good digestion. 

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If you have had your fill of their fresh Japanese main dishes, indulge in desserts next—yes, they’re still delivered via the train system. Have your fill of their Rare Cheesecake (140php), rare because of the gelatine-like consistency of the cheese, Strawberry Cheese Cake (200php), Matcha Double Fromage (180php), and Chocolate Mousse (180php).

Genki has a sweet roster of cake desserts to choose from. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Alternatively, have one or two of their ice cream variants Strawberry Ice Cream (80php), Strawberry Burst Ice Cream (120php) with real strawberry tidbits, and Green Tea Ice Cream (80php) as part of your last course.

Genki has a sweet roster of cake desserts to choose from. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila

Genki Sushi offers a dining experience that’s modern yet still true to its cultural roots; a visually appealing food service that introduces a piece of Japan’s innovative ways while keeping its quality brand of service and taste. Next time you search for a food hangout with a food experience truly worth its price, think Genki Sushi.

The Genki Experience is an experience you don’t want to miss. Photo by Dani Elevazo/Inside Manila.

Genki Sushi is located at Ayala Malls the 30th, Bonifacio Stop Over, SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, and UP Town Center. For more information, follow Genki Sushi Philippines on Facebook and Instagram


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