Arts and Culture

This Foundation Makes it

Easy for Aspiring Performing

Artists to Thrive

by Sherry Tadeja, July 04, 2019 9:00pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Arts and Culture

This Foundation Makes it Easy for Aspiring Performing Artists to Thrive

by Sherry Tadeja, July 04, 2019 9:00pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

There's a genuine experience in the performing arts no technology could duplicate. We are lucky this art form is continuously flourishing and supported for the public to enjoy. The performing arts is one, if not the most challenging artistic expressions, as it uses singing, dancing, and body language simultaneously to perform. It shouldn’t be a question that besides the preservation of the performing arts itself, its artists too should be supported.

Taking up careers in the arts and culture is usually a road less traveled, sometimes it takes a certain form of privilege to fully dive into the industry. There’s still the “starving artist” notion going about—and that’s something that should be discouraged.

Thankfully, there are organizations that inspire to secure the future for performing arts aspirants. One of those organizations is the Performing Arts and Recreation Center (PARC) Foundation, an organization dedicated to creating a safe space to let performing artists to “strive,” rather than “starve.”

A scene at PARC’s A Walk in the PARC 2019. Photo by Maria Romero


PARC is a non-profit organization that supports local performing artists by honing their talents and providing them a platform to showcase their skills. The organization offers programs, collaboration, events, production support, and spaces for the creatives to help them succeed in their artistic pursuits.

Notable Programs & Creative Spaces

PARC has various specific programs in their repertoire. One of which is PARCaralan, their flagship program, where they give free music, dance, and theater classes to young Filipinos in the grassroots communities. And to give up and coming artists an opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience, PARC offers the Emerging Acts Program where talents are to perform short sets of acts both in a live audience, which can also be seen through Facebook Live via PARC on Facebook.

PARC acknowledges institutional performing arts groups through the PARC Foundation's Student Ambassadorship Program. The group is open in collaborating with performing art groups in high schools and in universities who are in need of spaces and institutional support. Another of their school-based programs is the ArtVocate, a volunteer and internship program, open for everyone who wants to experience PARC’s performing arts program.

PARC Foundation’s creative spaces are also open for group and organizations to host their arts and culture events at reasonable prices.

The organization's push for the celebration of the performing arts was firmly demonstrated at the “A Walk in the PARC: The PARC Foundation Open House” where over 500 guests gathered to support PARC’s initiatives. A support for PARC foundation is a support to the future of performing arts after all.

Photo by Maria Romero/Inside Manila


Organizations like the PARC Foundation are determined to inspire young aspiring artists to pursue their craft in a world that discourages their passions. And in more ways than one, it safeguards the future for performing arts while creating a stronger foundation for it in the future. And at present, we can all do our part in supporting the performing arts, most especially to those who aspire to thrive in it.

For more information, visit or follow PARC on Facebook and Instagram.


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