This Interactive Museum Lets

You Explore the Philippines

Without Leaving Manila

by Inside Manila Contributor, July 05, 2019 4:00pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


This Interactive Museum Lets You Explore the Philippines Without Leaving Manila

by Inside Manila Contributor, July 05, 2019 4:00pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Have you ever wanted to simply pack your bags and spontaneously explore the entirety of the Philippines and its culture, but didn’t have the time or money to do it? Or maybe you miss the people and food from your hometown but your annual leave isn’t for another few months? If yes, then Lakbay Museo is just the place to go—It is the weekend(or weekdays) getaway we’ve all been dreaming of, all packed into one homey all Filipino-inspired space tucked in Pasay City. 

Targeted to be the First Interactive Philippine Millennial Museum, Lakbay museo, located at the Ground Floor, S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, may as well be your new favorite hangout spot as the museum gives you an all-access pass to Philippine history, food, music, and culture but with a twist! 

Here’s a rundown of all the things you can expect to experience at the Lakbay Museo:

A Warm Welcome 

Filipinos are known to be some of the most hospitable and kindest people in the world, so it’s only natural for the staff of Lakbay Museo to greet you with a warm welcome and embrace as soon as you enter the museum and embark on your journey into experiencing the Philippines and its culture. Upon entering the front door, you are fully immersed in the festivities as the staff drapes you in traditional Filipino clothing such as the malong and invite you to join in on their dance and song number.

There are three ways for you to enter the museum— through the clouds (via a makeshift airplane), Jeepney, and a Bangka(boat). 

While the latter two pay homage to the everyday Filipino mode of transportation, we personally enjoyed the airplane especially because it involves you going down a slide from the airplane and into the museum. Talk about a dramatic entrance! 

Travel Through 11 Different Destinations Without Spending a Fortune

Having a traveling budget is no longer an issue as the museum gives you a chance to travel across the Philippines and learn about its history and culture without having to spend days of traveling or a lot of money. You get to travel to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and strike a pose in the country’s best destinations in just two hours! Each section of the museum teleports you to a different region with how precise and well-thought-out the details are. 

You don’t need to go through the hassle of booking a plane ticket to the north or south, You can now see the beauty of the Banaue Rice Terraces, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, Bicol’s Mayon Volcano, and many others in just one go! Who would’ve thought it would be this easy? 

Experience the Past through Fabric

The Philippines has a wide array of traditions when it comes to weaving fabrics and these traditions have lasted the test of time and are still used in weaving fabrics today. It is not just a means of living but also each respective community’s expression of their culture and identity. 

The traditional clothing that guests are draped with is woven by Philippines ethnic and indigenous groups across the Philippines. Some of which are displayed on over 120 mannequins. 

This section of the museum gives visitors the chance to learn, appreciate and honor creativity from different generations. Each fabric was woven differently using different techniques based on old traditions that incorporated available resources of each region to their culture and aesthetic. 

It's Aesthetic to the Eye and the Brain 

The cherry on the top of it all, Lakbay Museo is interactive and 100% Instagrammable. Every picture taken in the Lakbay Museo is sure to get you a double tap on Instagram! Other than of yourself in traditional attire,  you can take IG-worthy photos featuring the local market, Mayon Volcano and Barasoain Church, the “under the sea” themed Westen Visayas region, and so much more! Don’t forget to take the perfect flat-lay of the food and of yourself in the pool of rice as well! #RiceIsLife (don’t worry, it’s not real rice!)

The museum isn’t just a place to take pictures, but a place to learn about our roots and appreciate the richness and diversity of the people, the ways of life, and the identities present in the Philippines so be sure to bring your cameras for that Instagram worthy photo and get your brain ready for an overload of information. 

It's a Museum With a Purpose

Other than the aesthetic and Instagrammable purpose of the museum, Lakbay Museo was built with the intention of giving back. With environmental conservation as its foundation,  most, if not all, of the exhibits were made out of old and used rubber slippers and scrapped materials, old tires, old car mats, and a variety of recyclable materials. Visitors would not have figured it out because of how realistic the exhibits were!

Lakbay Museo also provides job opportunities to out of school youths, non-professionals, senior citizens and differently-abled people; all of which are the staff members that play a major role in making the museum tour experience that much more exciting and real. 

A Foodie’s Ultimate Dream Come True

Loved by both locals and tourists, the food is what completes the Philippine culture. Plus, we’ve got to admit, there’s nothing better than a hot bowl of sinigang or lumpia with sawsawan, and we would choose those over other delicacies any day! 

For all the foodies out there, Lakbay Museo also offers a wide variety of food from all over the nation that will satisfy your cravings. Upon entering, you are given a bag with a total of 12 tokens that you can use to buy food from the carinderia and chips from the sari-sari store. And since there’s so much to choose from, you can buy more tokens at the token kiosk inside the museum. From street foods such as kwek kwek, fishball, and squid ball to a bowl of arroz caldo to delicious local wine and lambanog, Lakbay Museo is the one place you can taste it all!  The museum also has different sections dedicated to local food such as the Dried Fish, Rice Grain and Vinegar selection whose aroma-filled surrounding will make your stomach growl. 

Different regions, different provinces, different food, and different variations of dishes that characterize the Filipino taste have been gathered together in one museum so you won’t have to travel far to experience what makes food Filipino. Fun fact: The Philippines is currently competing for the title of the Largest Number of Food Collections with over 600 dishes. 

As the adventure-seeking, social-media-resident millennial that you are, Lakbay Museo may as well be your new favorite hangout spot as the museum is a new concept introduced to Manila that deals with anything and everything Filipino. It aspires to encourage Filipinos to cultivate our heritage and traditions while nurturing patriotism in the next generation. It’s the perfect place to delve into your roots of Filipino identity as well bring your tourist friends as the museum champions learning about the Philippines and the identity in the most fun and easy way possible. 

The Lakbay Museo is located in S Maison, Conrad Manila. Opening hours are from 11am-11pm and is set to open doors on July 12. To know more, you may visit

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