Summer Noise 2019 is

Everything We Want in

a Music Festival

by Inside Manila Team, June 17, 2019 9:44am

Art by Dani Elevazo


Summer Noise 2019 is Everything We Want in a Music Festival

by Inside Manila Team, June 17, 2019 9:44am
Art by Dani Elevazo

For the second installment of its regional showcase, The Rest Is Noise PH’s Summer Noise 2019 didn’t fell short in delivering an ultimate music festival experience.

The festival was set in a parking lot under a scorching heat of 33 degrees with local food trucks, merch booths, and Jack Daniels Booths signaling the fun that’s about to take place. As Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner puts it, “It’s so fucking hot here. I can’t believe you guys have been there this whole time.” This festival set up can only be withstood by attendees hungry for live music.

The festival kicked off with locals favorite Uprising, followed by Sheila and the Insects, Sen, and Cynthia Alexander. Tide/Edit and The Ringmaster’s collab with Cheat’s Candy Gamos ante up the pace of the festival a notch higher. Whether it was well thought of or purely accidental, their performance just as when the sun was setting made a perfect, dreamy atmosphere.

As always, emo pop-rock band She’s Only Sixteen and Up Dharma Down, two of Philippine’s living band legends, represented our country well and made sure to keep up with the performances of foreign acts.

Dream-pop outfit Subsonic Eye and self-proclaimed “uncool pop” act Sobs performed a collab that surely created a music solace—something that Filipino concertgoers have been waiting to witness since the night of the announcement of the festival.

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Jacob Ogawa, the Norwegian singer-songwriter, played a powerful performance despite experiencing technical glitches and difficulties. US’s dreamy pop-punk band Turnover followed Ogawa's performance. After two years, the band is back in the Philippines and their music evidently raised the crowd’s energy.

Australian indie rock quartet Last Dinosaurs, who first played shows in Manila in 2013 and 2014, returned after five years and implored everyone to remind them why Filipino crowds are the best— asking their audience to (quite literally) bring the noise, and raising the energy with new songs and hits like Italo Disco and Honolulu.

Experimental pop musician Japanese Breakfast owned the stage and performed hits like “Everybody Wants To Love You” and a cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams.”

In his second time at the Summer Noise stage, Thai Lover boy Phum Viphurit closed the night with his hit tracks, “Long Gone,” “Hello, Anxiety,” and “Sweet Hurricane."

The Rest Is Noise PH, with Summer Noise 2019 featuring 16 acts of both local and international music legends, proved to be one of the biggest players in the music production scene. Their biggest festival portfolio to-date is also commendable for being the first local fest with Filipino Sign Language interpreters for our deaf friends.

It’s true, the summer heat can be dragging at times but with good music, good company, and a kick of some booze, there’s no reason not to stay up late and live life to the fullest.

Photos from Rappler and Bandwagon Philippines


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