Food and Drinks

The Cookies That Bring

Philippine Culture and Flavor


by Inside Manila Contributor, June 27, 2019 10:00am

Art by Dani Elevazo

Food and Drinks

The Cookies That Bring Philippine Culture and Flavor Together

by Inside Manila Contributor, June 27, 2019 10:00am
Art by Dani Elevazo

Hands down, one of the great things about a cookie is the fact that there’s a wide variety. They come in all shapes and sizes, different flavors—whether you’re someone that loves the classic chocolate chip, the colorful sugar cookie, or maybe you’re trying to incorporate the sweet treat in your diet by eating an oatmeal cookie, there’s a cookie out there for everyone.

Several brands are known for their signature cookie recipes but this local brand is bringing something new to our taste buds. Manila Cookie Story launched its line of cookies that are baked and designed in the Philippines. And the greatest quirk of all is that these aren’t just ordinary cookies; no, they aren’t!

The team behind these delicious treats have a vision of sharing the interesting stories and cultures of the Philippines with every person that gets a hold of their products. Each cookie screams the Filipino identity and we’re here for it.

From the ingredients to the packaging, the Cookies are 100% Pinoy. Decked out in vibrant and beautiful colors, the packaging is what draws the most attention as it tells a narrative of its own—the story of the heritage and pride of the Philippines. Additionally, the shape of the cookies which is inspired by the eight-ray golden sun that rests proudly on the Philippine flag. 

The Cookies come in four flavors: Plain, Kape Barako, Tsokolate, and Queso De Bola.

A great way to ease into our palate was the Plain cookies which, unlike their name, were anything but plain. The cookie gives off strong buttery flavors that will remind you of those Danish butter cookies you used to have as a kid. The Kape Barako flavor was inspired by the popular coffee blend of the same name. The flavor gives off a strong Kapeng Barako taste that is loved by coffee lovers. The Tsokolate cookie is made out of the local chocolate grown in South Cotabato while the main ingredient that goes into the Queso De Bola cookie is everyone’s all-time favorite Edam cheese that is eaten by every traditional Filipino family during Noche Buena or Christmas Eve. 

Going Global by Loving Local 

To make the perfect pasalubong for any occasion, the brand also offers three different collections that include all four of their signature cookies. Each of these collections differs from the other but share the same concept of paying homage to our Filipino culture by bringing light to different indigenous groups, domestic practices, and cultural festivities.

The first collection is the Jeepney Collection, which is inspired by the infamous public transportation that dawns the streets of the Philippines. The second collection is the Festival Collection which is inspired by different festivities celebrated in the country such as the Parol Festival, Dinagyang Festival, and the Kaamulan Festival. 

The third and final collection so far is the Weaving Collection, which features boxes that are patterned to look like the Barong, Inabel, Banig, Gaddang, T’Nalak, and Yakan fabrics. 

Different Flavor Combos 

Manila Cookie Story took a fun and smart approach to supporting and promoting local Filipino ingredients by incorporating them in a treat that is loved all over the world. The cookies can be eaten on their own or paired with milk to make for a great midnight snack.

The Kape Barako cookie is ideal for a quick morning snack to kickstart the day or could also be eaten right after we devour a traditional hearty breakfast. The Queso De Bola cookies could be given during or even before the Christmas season to satisfy your friends and family’s cravings. Since Manila Cookie Story offers pre-packaged collections, they make for the perfect gift for birthdays and the holiday season. Although there’s a cookie for everyone and every occasion, we’ve got to admit that we don’t actually need a reason to eat an entire box of delicious cookies. 

The cookies don’t just make for a good snack but an even greater reminder of the Filipino traditions and the undeniably delicious Filipino flavors! 

Overall, Manila Cookie Story gives everyone a piece of home when they buy their products. The brand has a lot more flavors in store for us so we should definitely keep a lookout! You can learn more about the Manila Cookie Story on their website

Written by Manisha Mirchandani for Inside Manila


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