Inside Manila Release Radar:

New Music This May

by Inside Manila Contributor, June 11, 2019 2:30pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


Inside Manila Release Radar: New Music This May

by Inside Manila Contributor, June 11, 2019 2:30pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

It’s easy to say the month of May’s list of music releases has got us reminiscing on the good ol’ days whilst still wanting to live in the present and move on. Think you can relate? Check out the songs on our radar:

I don’t care by The Ransom Collective
And I don't know if I can break you, I can't save you

Known for some of their top hits “Settled” and “Tides”, The Ransom Collective (TRC) is back with an all-new single and an all-new vibe with their song “I Don’t Care”. The song talks about the ups and downs of finding oneself and is set in a retro and upbeat tune with the signature TRC touch of violin to lighten up the mood! The perfect quarter-life crisis track.

‘Limasawa Street’ by Ben&Ben
Limasawa street, A place where time was standing on bare feet. We built a world of our own

The OPM music gods heard our prayers! On May 12th, Ben&Benreleased their album Limasawa Street, which includes a top single on their Spotify called “Patingin." There are also songs that are perfect for your road trips!

‘EX’ by Callalily and Yeng Constantino
Binawi mong lahat ng luha't kalungkutan sa aking puso

The song and music video by the Filipino alternative pop-rock band Callalily and our own pop-rock princess Yeng Constantino will have you calling your ex and reminisce on your relationship for days (or make you miss a fictional ex, that works too).

‘Crying In The Prettiest Places’ by No Rome
You look appealing, you're so deceiving

London based Filipino artist No Rome released his new EP Crying In The Prettiest Places earlier in May, which featured songs titled in true No Rome fashion like “5 Ways to Bleach Your Hair”, “Stoned In The Valley,” and “Rimbaud, Come and Sit For A While”. Each song in the EP differs from each other in terms of genre and this gives us an insight at No Rome’s talent and versatility.

‘Kahit Sandali Lang’ by MilesExperience
Lumuluha ang langit! Pakinggan ang aking hiling. Nasaan and dating init? Nasaan ang lambing?

Longing for love and affection? Just got out of a breakup? MilesExperience puts your feelings to words in their single “Kahit Sandali Lang.” Don’t forget to add this to the playlist of songs you listen to at 3 am!

‘Sanity’ by Lola Amour
And these chains, I can’t break through. ‘Cause I know that you’re gone but your spirit lives on

Lola Amour dabbles in the genres of modern rock, funk, and pop. With their most popular single “Pwede Ba” released a year ago, the seven-piece band is back in the music scene with the release of their single “Sanity” on May 17th. “Sanity” is about still being attached to people from our past despite their absence and how we sometimes feel like we’re still chained down to them. Keep a lookout for Lola Amour as they’re working on their first full-length album.

‘Endless Summer’ by Niki Colet
One day, I’ll look up into your face and we’ll laugh and both say “Remember when we were young?

As an artist whose work has been described as “dreamy” and “lifting,” Niki Colet’s second EP pays homage to her last summer after college graduation. The EP is inspired by the feeling of being free and feeling lost at the same time--definitely something a lot of our fresh graduates can relate to this time around. The EP also features six songs which are sure to end up on your summer playlist.

Got a song that you think should be in June’s playlist? Let us know in the comment section! Stream the full playlist here:

Written by Manisha Mirchandani for Inside Manila


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