Self Care

Here’s What You Should

Do to Jumpstart a

Healthy Lifestyle

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, June 07, 2019 11:50pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Self Care

Here’s What You Should Do to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, June 07, 2019 11:50pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

As Manillennials continue to focus on careers, studies, and other priorities, we’re unconsciously putting our health at risk. We often surrender to fast foods and skipping a workout or two to pave more time for the busy urban lifestyle. Quite ironic when in fact,  people working or living in the city have more opportunities and venues to have an active lifestyle. G-Active Fitstreet, a three-day fitness event held on May 3 to 5 at the Bonifacio Global City High Street, provided these chances. It gave people the opportunity to try activities like shadow boxing, pound workout, yoga, and Zumba.

But we know even with opportunities starting a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. And we need all the help that we can get. So health and fitness enthusiasts Raymond Gutierrez and Nico Bolzico have tips for people who would want to throw away their unhealthy lifestyle and trade it for an active one.

Set Realistic Goals

Your fitness goals should not be intense at first try. For example, if you want those toned abs, start with doing a certain number of curl-ups or exercise for 15 minutes every day. Then, you can add other activities little by little into your routine. As Nico said, “You can start small. You don’t have to go all in.”

Photo Courtesy of Fitstreet with G Active

Find a Fitness Buddy

For Raymond, having a fitness buddy is one of the easiest ways to kick start your workout routine. Find someone you can go to the gym with or who will keep you motivated. It’s a great idea to surround yourself with health-conscious people and fitness buffs to keep your selves accountable and active.

Consistency is Key

Consistency will reveal the best results. Remember: breaking your routine will create a mentality that it’s okay to skip your workout habits. Find time to squeeze in a 10-minute workout without having to go to the gym. Parking your car a little farther from your workplace so you could walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator could jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. It’s the little things that count. You should also watch your diet, too!

Photo Courtesy of Fitstreet with G Active

Treat Yourself

When you’re starting to work out and eat right, it doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of your food cravings. You are allowed to eat what you want, but you have to find a balance. Nico shared you can eat healthy, but if you eat a lot, you will still gain weight. A “cheat meal” does not mean a whole cake.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

We sweat a lot when we exercise so it’s best to keep your water bottles nearby. Water helps us maximize physical performance and lose weight. Drinking water helps curb hunger, too! It’s also best to avoid drinking sugary drinks and alcohol.

Photo Courtesy of Fitstreet with G Active

Do It Today

The beginnings are always hard, but there’s no better time to start than today. So take those small steps and don’t ever let discouragements pull you away from your fitness goals.

A healthy lifestyle is not a one size fits all approach. But it all really requires sacrifice, determination, and discipline. You have to start from the ground up. Take Nico and Raymond as inspirations—two people who didn’t give up on their goals. And it’s evident how they feel good on the inside and confident on the outside. And you, yes you, can achieve those, too.


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