Beauty and Fashion

This Lipstick Shop Takes

Your Lipstick Game to

a Whole New Healthy


by Sherry Tadeja, May 31, 2019 11:05am

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Beauty and Fashion

This Lipstick Shop Takes Your Lipstick Game to a Whole New Healthy Level

by Sherry Tadeja, May 31, 2019 11:05am
Art by Ahl Mirambel

Lipsticks are the cherry-on-top to any makeup look. It’s also a confidence booster, and it gives off a whole new vibe for every shade—making it anyone’s beauty staple.

But more than what shade, or finish to go—whether matte, satin, cream, etc.—beauty junkies should include the essentials of lip care in their beauty routine. Lips are not made to withstand harsh chemicals (and a lot of it are found in commercial lipsticks). Our lips are literally thin skin, and exposing our pouts to harmful elements (without proper lip care after) is likely to result in chappy, dry lips—or worse, discoloration.

Don’t worry though because we found a unique lipstick shop in Manila where you don’t only get to buy organic and cruelty-free lippies, you get to create one your self too. We dare say Lab’i Lipstick Design Studio might be your next beauty hangout.

Lab’i Lipstick Design Studio, located in City Walk 2, Eastwood City, is the first-ever lipstick studio in the country where you can create your own lipsticks. Experience lipstick customization with their 180 (and counting) pre-made shades; from pinks, reds, to dark and nude colors.

It’s a full-circle lipstick moment. You’d get to experience lipstick making through customizing your own swatches while learning what’s best for you depending on your skin tone. Not all lippies are made equal after all—a nude brown lipstick could look dark to another but coral to yours. And having the knowledge in knowing what really goes into your lipstick is one reason to try this unique DIY experience.

The LabiBehind Lab’i

Entrepreneur and lipstick enthusiast Eleanor Leung with her partner, Anli Wu, started the store on Valentines Day of 2019. Eleanor’s love affair with lipsticks led her to create her own at home by mixing oils, pigments and even food coloring. This and having an active and healthy lifestyle made her conscious in commercialized, chemical-based lipsticks and cemented her confidence in organic ones. Her golden rule? Remove your lipstick before eating, or before going to bed to prevent the ingestion of lipstick chemicals.

She saw her drive for organic lipsticks an opportunity to create an interactive business where customers can create their own lipstick, know what goes in their tube, and look into healthier makeup alternatives—this push is the entire Lab'i Lipstick Design Studio initiative.

The Lab’i store welcomes you with overall white aesthetic making the rows of lipstick shades pop out even more. If you’re lucky enough, you’d get to meet the brains of Lab’i herself—Eleanor. She is hands-on when it comes to providing you the best customization experience; from choosing the lipstick shade to recommending the color perfect for your undertone. Eleanor can give you a tip or two to find the right shade depending on your skin’s undertones which if matched accordingly can highlight the brightness of your eyes and teeth.

By the end of your Lab’i experience, it’s no surprise you’d be rooting for organic lipsticks and change your mind about commercial purchases.

MLBB: My Lab’i But Better

The store has over 180 lipstick shades, from nudes to deep reds; four scent variations such as lemon, peppermint, lavender, and orange; six unique design molds: cat, heart, rose, golden mushroom, diamond, and round; and over 100 lipstick cases varying from design, color, and features

They don’t stop at 180 though, according to Eleanor, they try to add at least 20 more per month, specifically their nude color shade range since it’s the most popular color among Filipinas today.

Lab'i offer three lipstick customization packages: Package A or the "Lab Creation" (780php) is where you leave it to their lipstick experts and their mini-laboratory to do the work. You’d get to choose the shade, scent, case, shape, and watch it all unfold (or rather mixed) right then and there.

Package B or the “My Own Experience” (1,500php) is the signature Lab’i experience. This is where you truly get to be hands-on with customizing your lipstick: tools will be handed out to you once you’ve chosen your shade, scent, mold, and shape. Their lipstick experts (maybe even Eleanor) will guide you throughout the process from start to finish. You’d be given instructions on how to carefully melt, mix and pour your lipstick concoction to your chosen mold.

Package C or "Customize Your Own Shade" (3,300php) is the ultimate customization at Lab’I. Unlike Package B where you simply pick from the store’s presets, Package C involves a hefty process in creating your own shade from scratch. Meaning a color apart from the store’s available ones, a whole new formula, payoff, and consistency that is set to match aptly to yours. We’d like to call it “Package C(hemistry) because this is where everything gets cosmetic chemistry-like in a sense.

The store also sells premade lipsticks or "Pick Me Up" (330php) where customers can directly purchase a ready-made lipstick from the lab.

More Than Just a Personal Experience

Lab’i is open for bigger events and themed activities like group appointments, events, and special occasions. They also have Lab’i gift certificates where it entitles the receiver a Package B experience, making it a perfect gift for your kikay best friend.

Lab’i is more than just giving beauty junkies an up-close-and-personal lipstick making experience. Somehow it gives a sense of value to an everyday product such as lipstick because you made it yourself. It may look too kikay but it's a fun activity whether you’re with family, friends, partner, children, or even alone! Don’t prolong the curiosity, book your Lab’i Studio experience now.

Lab'i Lipstick Design Studio is located on the 2nd floor, City Walk 2, Eastwood City, Eastwood Ave, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Metro Manila and is open from Mondays to Thursday from 12 pm to 11 pm; Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm to 12 am; Sundays 11 am to 11 pm. For more information, visit or follow Lab'I Lipstick Design Studio on Facebook, and Instagram.


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