Breeze Your Way Through

EDSA’s Worst Traffic Jams

With These Podcasts

by Sherry Tadeja, May 30, 2019 8:42am

Art by Dani Elevazo


Breeze Your Way Through EDSA’s Worst Traffic Jams With These Podcasts

by Sherry Tadeja, May 30, 2019 8:42am
Art by Dani Elevazo

By now you’ve probably accepted EDSA’s traffic situation so much that you already have an anti-boredom playlist to keep you sane—maybe even a list of podcast shows to tune it to.

In case you didn't know, podcasts are a series of pre-recorded audio files—think downloadable and streamable radio drama. This type of audio content has become popular to millennials and people who are always on-the-go. These podcasts talk about work, life, love, and trending topics—anything under the sun! So, if you need new content to churn while inevitably stuck in traffic Here’s a list:

For in-the-loop mornings: The Morning Rush

Monster RX93.1 is a local FM radio station you may already be familiar with. The station’s morning show, “The Morning Rush,” can be accessible for streaming anytime. It covers various self-check topics like finding out your toxic trait, dealing with office politics, or handling clingy relationships.

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For young couples: Wake Up With Jim And Saab

Take it from a married couple, bandmates, business owner, blogger, and new parents Jim and Saab to tell us the struggles and triumphs of adulthood. This podcast is suited for young adults finding their way around work, maintaining a social life, keeping your sanity in check and everything else in between. “Wake Up With Jim and Saab” was created for the both of them to productively make time for each other; now it has become a platform to share their thoughts on being new parents, the ups and downs of relationships, to working dilemmas that we can all take note of.

For the Raket-eer: Freelance Blend Podcast

If you’re thinking of leaving your 9-6 work stint to shift to freelance, find solace and guidance in the “Freelance Blend” Podcast. Prior to being a podcast, “Freelance Blend” was purposely created as an online community where freelancers can ask questions and interact with other freelancers. Now in its audio form, you can listen to useful insights, pressing topics, and the do’s and don’ts of the freelance life, all while you’re surviving the 9-6 routine.

For the aspiring future leader: The Purposeful Creative

Being able to work on your passion (and actually make a living out of it ) is THE dream, and “The Purposeful Creative” could be driving force to help you succeed. The podcast hosted by Arianne Serafico, a creative entrepreneur and design-thinking advocate, touches topics on entrepreneurship, design, and even on feminism. It also features guest hosts who have made a name in pursuing their passion projects. Head over to “The Purposeful Creative” and be inspired!

For the nostalgic 90s kids: The Halo-Halo Show

“The Halo Halo Show” talks about the most random things, hence the name. From pop culture references to travels down to your favorite teachers from grade school, each episode is carefree, funny, and lightyou’re bound to have an audio-filled good time. A good distraction to keep your stress levels low despite the traffic jam.

For those who like to hear drunk stories: Ganap: An Okay Fight Podcast

“Ano mangyayari ‘pag nirecord mo inuman niyo?” That’s basically the gist of “Ganap: An Okay Fight Podcast”This podcast makes you feel like in the middle of strangers’ drinking session and all the drunken convos, because it is! It’s a multi-host series that covers Filipino life in the middle of drinking a sesh. Better to hear thoughts of semi-drunk hosts than angry motorists, right?

For the curious listeners: The Breakout Room

There are taboo topics in the country such as sex, gender orientation, and mental health, but c’mon guys, it’s 2019. It’s about time we put these topics into normal everyday conversations. “The Breakout Room” eases us into it. This podcast talks about love, sex, and relationships openly—no judgments. If you’re seeking for a podcast where unconventional topics are talked about, “The Breakout Room” is your show.

The existence of podcasts has changed the way we live—it has made us more productive even while doing our mindless tasks and even if we’re just stuck in traffic. What’s your favorite local podcast?


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