4 New Rooms You

Should Watch out for

at the Dessert Museum

by Inside Manila Team, May 28, 2019 1:10pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


4 New Rooms You Should Watch out for at the Dessert Museum

by Inside Manila Team, May 28, 2019 1:10pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Museum-visiting has been hyped in this age of social media—and we’d like to think that’s a good thing. That means more exposure and appreciation for establishments supporting local arts and culture, and also paving way for modern and interactive ones like this sweet-themed museum in Pasay called The Dessert Museum. A straight out of Hansel & Gretel story without the bad witch!

The Dessert Museum is the first-ever interactive dessert-themed museum in the country. Guests can marvel over gigantic dessert displays, learn quirky facts behind sweet treats, eat actual desserts, and take Instagram-worthy shots. All these inside a 12,000 square-foot of confectionary paradise!

In case you didn’t know, The Dessert Museum added new additions to their sweet paradise; the original eight themed rooms got a makeover and four more are added—it’s a true “Confectionary Carnival”!

Tea & Macarons

The tea is in The Dessert Museum, literally. Enjoy an Alice in Wonderland-vibe with macarons and tea party displays near the Candy Cane Groves. You can even chill inside an actual giant teacup! To make it more memorable snap-a-pic—bird's eye view style as an actual camera is placed above this display. You can get the souvenir then and there, too.

The tea is at the Macarons and Tea room! Photo by Shara Balce/Inside Manila

Banana Beach

The Dessert Museum has its own sugary take of the beach. Dip your feet (or whole body) in a sea of little bananas at the Banana Beach. The room is filled with everything banana; banana slide, banana plushies, even a banana made to a tree are all enough to make you go bananas.

Get crazy yellow and bananas at the Banana Beach. Photo by Shara Balce/Inside Manila

Bewitching Bakery

If you’re feeling Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo levels then make your way to the Bewitching Bakery. The room has gigantic baked pastel biscuits while the main attraction is a giant fortune-telling wheel you can spin! Way better than a fortune cookie if you ask us.

Ask your future to this spinning baked biscuit display. Photo by Shara Balce/Inside Manila

Piñata Pit

Submerge yourself in a room of vibrant festive colors with the Piñata Pit. Inspired by the piñatas in Mexico, a piñata is a donkey-shaped structure made of paper mache. It’s filled with small toys, candies, or both, and is commonly used in birthday celebrations. The hampas palayok is its local version. Expect a party vibe in this room with its colorful party streamers, giant maracas, and a carousel. We encourage you to take a closer look and find the elusive "Llamacorn," part unicorn, part llama hybrid galloping around this room!

Can you spot in this Piñata Pit photo Llamacorn? Photo by Shara Balce/Inside Manila

A Dessert Museum tour costs 799php for walk-ins and 699php for online bookings. The tours last for two hours with free desserts in each room and unlimited time to take selfies! The museum offers group promos, birthday, and holiday discounts.  Take your eyes and your taste buds in a sweet tooth tour at The Dessert Museum. Because life can definitely get that sweeter.

The Dessert Museum is at S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, and is open Mondays–Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, visit or follow The Dessert Museum on Facebook and Instagram.


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