Real Talk

I’m 22 years old

and my friends call

me ‘Tita’

by Sherry Tadeja, September 13, 2018 8:52am

Art by Dani Elevazo

Real Talk

I’m 22 years old and my friends call me ‘Tita’

by Sherry Tadeja, September 13, 2018 8:52am
Art by Dani Elevazo

Ah, yes. The millennials, the first internet savvy, social media-centric generation—my generation. Living in an era that transitioned largely from jackstones and marbles to digital devices, surely not everyone can follow suit.

This is the very reason why my millennial and adulting peers call me the Tita among them. No, not the type of tita that spoils her nephews and nieces every family reunion (I can barely even afford for myself yet) but I’m that millennial who knows the internet and social media, but for some reason, I fail to be in touch with its ever-changing trends.

Instagram? Yes. Instagram stories? Uhm...

Instagram? Yes, I know that. I follow celebrities (hi, @iamkrisaquino!), influencers, and people I know in real life. But I was hesitant when Instagram Stories came into existence. I just learned how to add texts and filters on my stories, now I’m supposed to add GIFs too? W I L D. *scans through GIFs using my index finger*.

Feeds and Flatlays

When I look at my peers’ (and probably any young adult of my age) IG profiles, their grids are all coordinated and curated. Dami nyong time, guys! But seriously, please teach me?

And don’t get me started on flatlays and missed opportunities to take a photo of my meryenda seconds after I took a bite of it. Yes, I do feel bad about it.

Tweet? The bird or the social media?

The unspoken rules of Social Media say that Twitter is the more socially acceptable place to put all my hugot—and not on Facebook. But how can one stand to stop in the middle of typing a status “tweet” it, and continue with another one. The 280 character limit is totes not for me. Twitter threads? What?

And I confess up to this day I’m still a stranger to that platform. I’m sticking with Facebook, thanks. There. I said it.

My Titaness just doesn't end on social media. *wink emoji*

White Flower Is My Eau De Toilette

White Flower is my one go-to scent. And for someone with tita-ish tendencies like me, acquiring those expensive humidifiers and essential oils are definitely on my fantasy shopping list. But for now, a dash of white flower will have to do.

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I Gotchu, Fam.

Tissues? An extra paper bag? Someone to take a photo of you? Seat reservations? Girl, I am way ahead of you. I’ll place my recycled water bottle on an available seat, so go ahead and order.  

Still and oddly enough I like being a Tita. Not because my friends get to lowkey Instagram story my Tita tendencies (I still love them tho). Being how I am keeps me real even on social media, and perhaps these tendencies also mean that I have a caring nature (like the makings of our fave titas!).

Sure, it's a little embarrassing to not know how to add gifs, to know the deeper of emojis, or to answer IG stories questions with a selfie, I am still to learn them but I guess still having to learn all of that means I can still be younger as I get older. :)


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