You’re Invited to The

Kundiman Party!

by Maria Romero, May 15, 2019 5:05pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


You’re Invited to The Kundiman Party!

by Maria Romero, May 15, 2019 5:05pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Our election season has been breathtaking to watch—some candidates promised exciting projects but some, despite facing government-related charges, still top surveys.

The outcomes of Election 2019 (or any political election) is poised to help our country to grow but more than that, it signals the start of a greater struggle, the beginning of a new chapter in the fight to regain our national dignity.

Now that the partial and official poll results are released, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is set to stage a play that will talk about what happens to our country when new sets of leaders are to take over their elective posts. The acclaimed and tagged as “the most meaningful and relevant original Filipino plays in recent times” The Kundiman Party is coming back to the PETA Theater Center for a limited run! PETA has long served as a vital venue for meaningful and relevant original Filipino works.

The play, directed by Dexter M. Santos was first produced by the UP Playwright’s Theater in 2018. It's about discontented millennials and social media, extrajudicial killings and other current political and social issues. The play was recognized by critics and audiences alike for the seamless weaving of our timeless Kundiman art songs.

By the time the revival opens at the PETA this year, senators, congressmen, governors, and mayors are set to take oath for their positions. For that, The Kundiman Party and all that it stands for will be more relevant than ever.

Equally notable were the performances of the exceptional ensemble led by Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino as Maestra Adela, a reclusive voice teacher whose latent nationalism is awakened. Together with Frances Makil-Ignacio, Stella Cañete-Mendoza, Jenny Jamora, and Missy Maramara as Adela’s close circle of Titas—the cast painted a portrait of contemporary Pinoy society that was both poignant as well as wildly entertaining.

Although The Kundiman Party isn’t a musical, the show relies heavily on the magic of the Kundiman Art Song with National Artist for Music, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab for piano arrangements of songs like “Bituing Marikit,” “Mutya ng Pasig,” and “Pilipinas Kong Mahal.”

So, when’s the party?

Come and celebrate the power of Theater Arts and learn about the ways to be part of our country's progress through The Kundiman Party this May 24 to June 2, 2019.

Don't be late to the party!

This article is created based on a press release from The Kundiman Party. For more information, visit PETA Theater on Facebook and Instagram.


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