Sili, Laing and More Pinoy Ice Cream Flavors Away From Your Usual

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED November 28, 2018 05:28 pm | UPDATED November 28, 2018 05:05 pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

When it comes to ice cream flavors, one tends to go with the classics such as chocolate, strawberry or the different variants of a vanilla ice cream. Ice cream is peak comfort-food after all, so trying on uncommon flavors is a feat for the food. But if you feel like getting out of your "cone-fort" zones, local flavors are a good place to start. And we don’t just mean the usual keso, ube and fruit salad!

We’ve found Pinoy ice creams flavors around Manila that puts a cool spin to your local faves.


Something hot can be something tasty and cold, too! 1st Colonial Grill, a Bicol-based restaurant offering Bicolano inspired dishes, is famous for their Sili Ice Cream. You can even get this one in three levels, the extreme one aptly named






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Kesong Puti

Known for its luscious and thick ice cream formulas, Magnolia recently released two new premium flavors. One of it is Kesong Puti, a sweet-salty take on the classic vanilla flavor.

The Alab Restaurant must've taken their all-Pinoy menu to the heart because their dessert menu includes Laing ice cream. Made of dried taro leaves and coconut milk, this is one sorbet flavor you’d be surprised to know to even exist.






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Burong Mangga
Give your taste buds a new sensation with the sweet and sour treat called Burong Mangga by Ilustrados Restaurant. It is a pickled green mango made by mixing unripe mangoes with sugar, water, and salt. According to their Instagram post, it was made and added for their eight-course anniversary degustation. They recommend this as a good palate cleanser after a series of various meals.






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Taho purists may object to this, but to anyone who wants to live a little might want to get their hands on the taho ice cream. Its made out of soy-based gelato (perfect for the lactose-intolerant) and coconut syrup, topped with a taho signature, tapioca.






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If you think our own kakanin can’t join in on the Pinoy ice cream ride of flavors, think again. This Kuchinta ice cream from Sebastian's Ice Cream is one for the books. Look! It even has kuchinta's signature red color.






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Last but not the least is Magnolia’s newest premium flavor, Pastillas. A nostalgic dairy twist to our fave childhood snack, this flavor is made with Carabao milk for that sugary-treat you have probably missed. Plus, its available in most convenience stores so getting it is a piece of cake.

Don’t let these iced-delights be your ‘what-ifs’. Try one out today!



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