90s Kids Rejoice! Choc-Nut Is Now A Spread

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED November 27, 2018 05:15 pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Everything in the 90s was simple. So simple in a sense that a twenty-peso bill on our young hands felt like we could buy the whole sari-sari store. Candy was once our currency as kids, and Choc-Nut was our edible gold.

This chocolate peanut brick-like snack made our afternoons as a child and binge eating it gets us nowhere near judged. Although the product isn’t getting many raves like before, some shops are creating choc-nut flavored confections in the form of Choc-Nut ice cream, Choc-Nut Martini, Choc-Nut Pie, and most recently, Choc-Nut spread.

In an Instagram post, Amarise Sweets reveals that this childhood treat is now in a jar, palaman and scoop-ready for that sweet 90s nostalgia we have all experienced. Before this viral spread, the shop has been selling Choc-Nut cupcakes and mousse.






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Note that this isn't a mere recreation but basically the real deal as according to a report by Esquire, the owner Amarise Sweets is part of the family that owns Choc-Nut.

And it seems like every Filipino is in dire need of the Choc-Nut sweet rush because an overwhelming amount of inquiries about the Choc-Nut spread filled their social media pages following the announcement.






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Get your fill of this chocolate-nutty treat at an affordable price, too. One jar costs Php 70 while a bulk order of 30 pieces is around Php 2,000. The shop will also be participating at the upcoming Spectrum Fair Manila on December 8 to 9 at Rockwell. You could also wait until it resumes its online reservations on December 2.

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