Create Your Own No-Bake Cake in Just 2 Minutes

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED November 26, 2018 05:25 pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Even during difficult times and even tighter budgets, Filipinos will and can always find a way to celebrate special occasions big or small. Be it a simple dessert or a Noche Buena spread. Thanks to beloved Filipino brand, Maya, our desserts are set to be easier (and thrifter) with their easy-to-make Maya Happy Mug.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

1 pack Maya Happy Mug
Two and a half tablespoons of water
Sweet Toppings (mini marshmallows, milk or chocolate chips, candy sprinkles, wafer sticks, graham crackers, etc.) Microwave

How To:

  1. Open your Maya Happy Mug and take out the cake mix, sauce, and wooden spoon.

  2. Take the cake mix and pour it into the Maya Happy Mug container.

  3. Add two and a half tablespoons of water, mix it in with the cake mix until it creates the batter. Make sure everything is well mixed.

  4. You can decide to put in the sauce or do it later after the cake is baked. If you do the latter, the result will be a chocolate or caramel lava cake (YUM). This is also the best time to put in the sweet treats before heating it up in the microwave to add in an extra flavor.

  5. Put the mixture in the microwave and time it for one and a half to two minutes. Take it out after, put it more sweet treat as toppings then serve.

Making a Maya Happy Mug can be summed up to three steps; 'pour, stir, microwave!' the mixture only needs two minutes and voila, a warm, tasty cake for you and the family. It comes in Chocolate and Caramel variants with delectable sauces inside. Top it off with other little treats to make it a fun DIY for all ages.

Enjoy the holiday traditions and other occasions you grew up with and make new memories with Maya products.



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