A ‘Greener’ Death: These Urns Will Turn Your Ashes Into Trees

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED November 20, 2018 05:08 pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Here's the universal truth: We all die. When THAT time comes, we all probably want to be remembered the best way possible. But here's the thing: you can still make a difference even when you're already dead. How? Bios Philippines' urns can help you with that.

Bios Philippines, an online company authorized by Spanish-based Urna Bios to distribute the urns, aims to "turn cemeteries into forests". The biodegradable urns are designed to incorporate human or animal ashes, acting as a fertilizer to the seed within the capsule. Just imagine a growing tree instead of tombstone on your remains.

How Does It Work?

The urn is divided into two capsules: the top capsule, which is a sealed lid that contains the soil mix and expansion disk, and the lower capsule, where the ashes are placed. The urn can hold up to 5.8lbs of ash for it is designed to hold all the ashes from cremation. You can opt to use only a portion or all of the remains.

You can use any seed you like for the top capsule. After deciding, you can plant your Bios urn and provide it with some TLC for it to grow healthily. Click here for full instructions.

Life after Death

These biodegradable urns prove that life doesn’t have to end in dying, that death could be the start of something beautiful, such a trees, and eventually, a forest. The ashes could be the remains of a loved one or your most beloved pet. In fact, this can be a meaningful way to remember them by.

The urns have no expiration dates so if you want to buy them, just in case, you can do that now. Each urn is priced at PhP8,500. You can buy them online at https://www.biosphilippines.com and they ship nationwide for free!

If you would want to be one with nature after you were gone, this is the best opportunity you’ve got. Indeed, Bios urns provide us a “greener way” to die.



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