7 Classic Teleseryes We

Wish To Binge On


by Shara Mae Balce, May 09, 2019 2:50pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


7 Classic Teleseryes We Wish To Binge On iFlix

by Shara Mae Balce, May 09, 2019 2:50pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Thanks to streaming websites, catching up on local movies and television series you’ve missed is now possible. But for now, the option is very limited and there are a few series from years ago that we still wish to see on screen.

Bring on the nostalgia with these teleserye classics we want to stream online. Hello, iFlix! We hope you heed our call.


Aired in 2004, Marina is the first fantasy television series of ABS-CBN starring the original drama princess, Claudine Barretto. The series took the viewers on the fairytale adventures of Marina (taking cue from Dyesebel), a mermaid over the picturesque lands and waters of Anilao, Batangas. It’s a scorned woman-curse story of Cristina’s (Marina’s birth name) parents: Esther (Snooky Serna), Elias (Joel Torre), and Victoria (Cherie Gil), a woman-in-disguise sea witch, who seeks vengeance over unrequited love. With its entertaining plot that fused elements of myths and traditional fantasy, it deserves a major look back!


“Sa kapangyarihan ng kristal, ako ang iyong sugo, Krystala!”

Krystala, played by Judy Ann Santos, is a superserye aired on October 2004 on ABS-CBN. Similar to Darna, Krystala’s powers are derived from a magical crystal, but what makes Krystala an iconic superhero ‘serye is the involvement of Philippine Mythology in the story. Tala (Krystala’s human alter-ego) unearthed a crystal that brings the imprisoned spirit of a diwata or sorceress, Luwalhati, come to life. Using the crystal’s powers, Tala vowed to protect the helpless and fight all evil—Harimon (Emilio Garcia), the King of Demons and Kabagona (Alma Concepcion), the bat woman are as iconic as the empowered female lead.


Majika followed the success of GMA Network’s Encantadia. Majika takes place in a magical world called Saladin, where magic is a way of life. Starring Angel Locsin as Sabina, a seemingly ordinary girl destined to be Saladin’s most powerful Salamangka. We can’t help but crave for more of the magic it gave to our childhood.

Mga Anghel Na Walang Langit

Launched in ABS-CBN in 2005, this TV show gave us an inside look of the street scene in a hostile city. It showed relatable life situations of exploited and unfortunate street children. Starring some of Goin’ Bulilit kids John Manalo and Sharlene San Pedro among others, this series had us reaching for tissues every night with its melodramatic plot. If there’s one takeaway from this series, it’s the mixed beauty and drama of life amid all the challenges in our way.

*nostalgically plays Mga Anghel Kaming Walang Langit soundtrack*

Super Twins

“Kapangyarihan ng araw. Taglay ay liwanag. Kambal na lakas. Kami ang Super Twins!”

Super Twins is a fantaserye aired on GMA in 2006 which made us dream more of being teenage superheroes like Super S (Jennylyn Mercado) and Super T (Nadine Samonte). Their father, Manuel (Ian de Leon) gave them the magical rings as a birthday gift. The twins later discovered that when they kiss their rings, they transform into superheroes. Seeing them again in their sweet, Japanese animation-inspired school girl costumes will give us a pluck of happy nostalgia. Remember the times you and your best friend try to imitate the lines and movements of Sha-Sha and Tin-Tin while they transform?

Kampanerang Kuba

Playing the role of a kuba or hunchback, Anne Curtis starred in this ABS-CBN fantaserye aired in 2005. The hunchback girl named Imang is a kind-hearted woman who grew up as a kampanera (church bell-ringer). She later discovered a candle that makes her beautiful when lit. This series is a mixture of drama and romance based on the comic book series written by Pablo Gomez. Watching it once again will give us a moral lesson that being kind is what truly makes one beautiful.

Asian Treasures

Asian Treasures is a GMA series aired in 2007 starring Robin Padilla playing the role of Elias, a personal bodyguard of Angel Locsin as Gabriela, a spirited and street-smart girl. This series provides a fascinating glimpse of Asia’s treasure and history. It also features various kinds of martial arts that were incorporated into the adventure series of the lead casts. Undeniably, Angel showed her stunt skills here two years after she became prominent as “Darna.” It gave us (as teens) a rollercoaster ride of emotions and it’s one of the must-see series for all.

Do you have other series in thoughts that you would like to add on the list? Share it with us on the comment section!


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