Starbucks 2019 Planner & CBTL's 2019 Giving Journal: Which One Should You Get?

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED November 16, 2018 04:16 pm
Photos courtesy of Starbucks Philippines and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

2019 planners are already rolling out and choosing what's to be noted and filled with new plans is a real dilemma. There are planners for the micro-managers and minimalists, for the beginners in parenting and the adulting millennials, and for different types of hobbyists. For coffee lovers, it's easily Starbucks Philippines 2019 Planner and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's 2019 Giving Journal.

If you're reading this, you may have compelling reasons why the journey is more important than the destination; getting the limited edition Starbucks or CBTL planner is no easy feat, yet a feat you won't say no to. The only decision left for you to make is which exactly should you be getting.

Here, we list things you should know about the two planners that might help you in filling the missing piece in your puzzle. Let's take a look at this caffeine-induced prize right away.

The Prize

CBTL's 2019 Giving Journal is available in four covers: hardbound with a matte finish and gold foil stamping in either black or teal grey; and cork cover with CBTL's bean & leaf icons or its new hero logo.

The intention to inspire journal keepers is made possible by 12 beautiful illustrations, one for each month. The artworks, made by local artists, speak the theme, GENEROSITY.

Hardbound black with matte finish and gold foil stamping

Hardbound teal grey with matte finish and gold foil stamping

Cork cover with CBTL's bean & leaf icons

Cork cover with CBTL's new hero logo

This year, Starbucks is dropping planners in Espresso and Milk colors. The covers are in canvas finish with metallic gold and copper stamping. It also comes with a limited-edition Starbucks card.

Starbucks Philippines 2019 Planner

What's new, however, is that the coffee giant is rolling out Travel Organizers, which comes in Dark Teal and Sienna. It has slots for cards and garter straps for pens that come handy in travels, true to its name.

Starbucks Philippines Travel Organizers

Stamps and Stickers

A paper promo card with 18 stickers is required for either a Starbucks' planner or a Travel Organizer. You get one sticker for each time you purchase any Starbucks beverage—Tall, Grande, or Venti.

The Giving Journal will be yours for a stamp card with full 12 stamps. Unlike the former, CBTL has specific beverages they want you to sample. We're talking an Original Ice Blended, a Tea Latte, a coffee-based beverage and a holiday featured one, and eight of The CBTL beverages.

Collection Duration

Starbucks started giving stickers since November 2 and will do until January 7, 2019, giving you two months and five days (66 days) to collect. Meanwhile, CBTL's promo period is from October 27 to January 6 next year.

Reward Redemption

CBTL only accepts single stamp cards when redeeming your reward. Starbucks does the opposite by allowing a combination of up to two paper promo cards, as long as all 18 stickers are completed.

Other Options

If you're not up for a caffeine-filled journey in the following months, you're still entitled to a Starbucks 2019 Planner or a Starbucks Travel Organizer by buying at least P7,000 worth of food and other retail items in a single receipt.

CBTL also grants stamps for a purchase of its products such as the Ready Coffee Box (one stamp), the CBTL Capsule Box (2 stamps), and the CBTL Single Serve Beverage System (12 stamps). Or you know, buy it. The Giving Journal can be purchased for P1,999, no fuss.

Whichever you choose, we're sure it's gonna drive you to your purpose and make you seize every day. Hit your nearest coffee shop and get sippin'.



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