Give It a Chance: Smoked Salmon Might Be Your Next Favorite Pizza Flavor

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED November 15, 2018 04:57 pm
Photo release

We all have our own go-to flavors in almost everything. When it comes to pizza, we have the safe staples: pepperoni, ham and cheese, Hawaiian, and other classic all-time favorites. But if we want a little twist to one of our comfort food, unique toppings should be part of the equation.

If you want to try something extraordinary, fresh from the oven is Shakey's Smoked Salmon Pizza! Yes, smoke salmon topped with rich velvety mozzarella and cream cheese. Well, it might sound a little different but it promises a different kind of flavor experience.

So who says seafood has no place on our pizza? We were already introduced to the Scallop Primo Pizza (baby scallops, crab kani, aged cheese, and herbs) Louisiana Shrimp Pizza.. These were all big hits among Shakey's customers. We're confident the Smoked Salmon Pizza would not disappoint.


With the holidays coming up, it is a good idea to come up with something new. The year is about to end, so why not give this new pizza a try? Smoked Salmon Pizza might be your next go-to flavor. Paired with thin crust, it would be perfect for the upcoming festivities! Or for your own.Curious? Well, maybe it is time for you to head to your favorite Shakey’s store now or dial 77-777  or log on to to order for delivery!



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