5 Punny Local Sticker Brands You Should Follow on Instagram

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED November 8, 2018 04:52 pm
Art by Dani Elevazo. Sticker photos from respective artists in the list.

Puns, often compared by marketers to a shiny double-edged sword, aren't always funny and can be a challenge to execute. However, some brands are radically dependent on it that they appear natural.

For artists who create a nostalgic little thing called stickers, pun-hit wonders can easily be a favorite to one of the largest age demographic in the country (hey, millennials!). Puns and stickers? Someone deserves a sticker of approval.

Satisfy your pun-obsessed self or non-verbally announce your type of humor with these homegrown sticker brands we found on Instagram.


Pinoy Pop Culture comes alive with KWAN's merch—stickers among them. And if the foot traffic of KWAN’s booth amassed during art markets such as Cubao Expo's Local Loca was any indication, KWAN stickers are a must-have.






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Lampa 4 lyf 🤙 . huling sticker na gawa ni Tep Atento . kita kits po bukas sa sticker con mnl • march 10 • bayanihan center

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Libreng Komiks

This independent webcomic didn't rise to fame in the art scene for no reason. It serves delicious puns in the form of stickers and sticker packs, including "Diet-diet Ka Pa," "Pilapinas," and "The Working Dead." We don't know about you but Toto Madayag seems he has a lot of rants on his plate. Too relatable, in fact, that we can't argue.






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Relax lang, bawal ang:

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Fine Time Studios

True to its name, this studio gives that "fine time" vibe with its pun-tastic stickers like the amusingly altered brand names and relevant burning MRT stickers just to name a few. Fine Time Studios will get you through any day, one pun at a time.


The "D" is in and it comes in all shapes and sizes. And with that, this sticker brand truly lives up to its name by sparking conversations or dialogues. Diyalogo prides itself as a determined combination of design and humor—an intention made possible by pop culture, slapstick comedy, and the usual quirks of everyday life.  


This listicle wouldn't be complete without D' Original Pundesal If you're ever wondering what's a solid, no-fail sticker to attach on your laptop, then you need not go far. Pundesal’s slogan says it all: your daily dose of punpasaya and punira ng araw.






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Nak ng... // www.pundesal.com

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Got any pun-hit wonders yourself? Drop us a message!



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