Local Period Products You Can Use That Are Not Sanitary Pads

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED November 6, 2018 11:08 am

As a woman, you've probably had your fair use of different disposable sanitary pads ‘til you found the one. But drugstore sanitary pad brands aren’t the only option, in fact, there are more period products that may comfort you better during that time of the month. Best part? They are locally available.

Here are a few brands that offer alternative period products that might change the way you handle and feel about your period.


If you find sanitary pads irritating, tampons are a good alternative. Tampons are a plug of cotton inserted inside to lock in flow. Horrifying to Filipinas as it may seem, this product been around and used especially in the Western countries.






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We recommend Ladouce Tampons if you want to venture on this type of product. Ladouce has available beginner-friendly sizes for first-time tampon users and handy instructions so you won't be alienated out. 

Period Cup

Period cups not only more eco-friendly, but they’re cheaper compared to sanitary pads, too. Period cups are made of silicone making it a reusable period product that you place inside the vaginal canal to catch the period flow. You can use it up to twelve hours. Once it fills, you can simply take the cup out, dispose the blood, wash the cup (preferably have it soaked in hot water), and insert it again. If you are afraid of any leakage, you can use it with panty liners to be sure.






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Local brand Sinaya Period Cup is doing more than selling period cups, the brand advocates better menstrual health education through their CUPacity Caravan in schools in the Philippines.

Reusable Menstrual Cloth

Commonly know as pasador back in the day, menstrual cloths are now sold online with different designs to choose from. Menstrual cloths are designed like normal sanitary pads be washed and used again. It also comes in different sizes and different design.






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Ka Nami Pasador has a variety of reusable pad with an added personality. The designs (Gryffindor Pantry Liners FTW!). Who says menstruation can’t be fun. Check out Ka Nami Pasador on Facebook and Instagram.

Period Panties

Another washable and wearable period product are period panties. Its made out of a less breathable material and have a double lining that can be used without the aid of other period products.






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You could try out Mirko Period Panties for a start. It claims to be easy to wash, leak-proof protection, and is resistant to stains. However, we still do advise to use this with other hygiene products to be extra safe you’re quite hesitant to try it for the first time.

We know it won't be an easy start especially when it comes to a product that battles your crimson days. But if it means saving a buck or two, getting more comfort while saving the environment, they could be worth a try. Let us know which works for you!



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