Booze Fest 2018 is The TGIF We All Need

Shara Mae Balce
PUBLISHED November 6, 2018 11:08 am | UPDATED November 6, 2018 03:29 pm
Collage by Dani Elevazo

Social drinking has become a staple of Filipino culture. May it be in a simple family celebration or in festivals, drinking is better with great friends to turn the night into a jam-along booze fest with. So, it is not new to have these drinking festivals celebrated in every metro corner to celebrate Filipinos’ fondness for drinking.

Just last October 19, the Fisher Supermarket kicked off its Booze Fest 2018 at the mall’s Expo Hall 1. It is an annual event that promotes a welcoming environment for people to socialize and mesh around while enjoying good OPM music and drinking booze.

Silent Sanctuary serenades the crowd with their sentimental hitsongs

Many people of different ages rocked their night out and lined up to munch their way through free beer crackers, and unlimited pulutan to match the endless drinks. With wide varieties of wine, beer, vodka, and cocktails on the side, the night was completed with chitchats and meeting new friends while waiting for their favorite Pinoy bands to rock.

What’s more exciting is that you can go for drink-all-you-can and indulge with various food choices for only P300! Plus, there are fun drinking games, gifts, and raffles to hype the crowd.

The weekender celebration was jammed with stellar performances from Pinoy bands behind the soundtrack of our ~sort of~ “emotional” high school days—Soapdish, Dhruva Tara, and Silent Sanctuary. People even jived and sang aloud to the lyrics of OPM songs like Pwede Ba (Soapdish), Hologram (Dhruva Tara), and Pasensya Ka Na (Silent Sanctuary).

Dhruva Tara jam along with the people in the hall during the front act

Soapdish rocks the stage with their top hitsongs

There is nothing better than enjoying a frosted beer glass and other sorts of liquor to choose from with friends. The night has ended with sober but the best part of it was the good conversation only you can discuss on the table full of liquor.

For more fun-filled activities and events by Fisher’s Supermarket, visit their website and Facebook page.



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